Subtitles do not appear on my smartphone, How to enlarge the subtitles In Zoom

“Subtitles” is a function that can be used only by the host using a personal computer.

The host can either enter the subtitles himself or choose a subtitle input person from the participants.

However, subtitles can only be entered by those who are participating from Pacific Consultants.

Participants can view the subtitles on their PCs and smartphones.

Can’t see subtitles on my smartphone?

When the host or the person in charge of subtitle input inputs subtitles, the subtitles may not be displayed on the screen of the person participating on the smartphone.

In such a case, please check the settings.


On the Zoom screen, click “Settings” at the bottom right.

Now, turn on “Subtitles”.

If the person participating in the smartphone cannot see the subtitles, this is turned off.

I want to change the font size of the subtitles I see on my computer

When participating in Zoom on a computer, the subtitles may be small and difficult to see.

In such a case, open the Zoom settings on your computer and select “Accessibility”.

Here you can change the size of the subtitles.

The changes here are the settings when viewed on your own computer, so even if the host changes the size of the subtitles, the subtitles of the participants will not change.


Character size in “normal”

Character size in “standard”

Character size in “Large



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