Summary of related information about new Zoom features [Updated 2020]

This article will keep you updated with new features, improvements, and enhancements to the web conferencing tool Zoom.

Zoom is still used by over one million companies and organizations around the world, but with these new features, it has even more potential.

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Summary of new Zoom features announced on January 12, 2020

Share your whiteboard with one-touch

Users can share a whiteboard with one touch from a Zoom Room controller or a Kaptivo device.No HDMI converter is required.

You can now share whiteboard images with one touch from your Zoom Rooms controller.

Summary of new Zoom features announced on December 16, 2019

Introducing the latest features, improvements, and enhancements to Zoom announced on December 16, 2019.

The main new features are more about Zoom Rooms.

In Zoom Rooms, 10 displays and controllers for schedule creation can be connected at the same time

Multiple Controllers and Scheduling Displays in a Single Zoom Room
Admins can assign up to 10 devices as controllers and scheduling displays for one Zoom Room. These devices can be used simultaneously.

As a new feature, it is now possible to connect up to 10 schedule displays and controllers in Zoom Rooms at the same time.

This has made it easier for companies and groups that have Zoom Rooms in large conference rooms.

Korean language support started

Added support for Korean.

Zoom rooms equipped with touch companion whiteboard function

Admins can deploy an additional Zoom Room for Touch device to an existing Zoom Room.The additional device can be used as a whiteboard or for screensharing.

When using Zoom Rooms for meetings, you can now use the whiteboard function even if no meetings are held.

Supports virtual background function using green screen

Admins can upload virtual backgrounds to the Zoom web portal.These backgrounds can then be selected by users from zoom room controllers.

By turning on “Virtual Vakgroud with Greenscreen” in the room setting of Zoom Rooms, “Room Profile” tab, the background prepared by default and any image file can be used as the background.

Gallery view can be displayed on multiple displays

Meetings that use gallery view can split the displayed participants across multiple screens.

Zoom has a function called Gallery View, which displays multiple meeting participants. The gallery view can now be displayed separately on multiple displays.

Added controller option

Users can restart, shut down, or sign out of a Zoom Room from the controller.Some options are only available for specific types of zoom room setups.

A reboot button has been added to the Zoom Room controller.

With this, if the control PC is Windows, you can restart it from the controller. (In that case, the iPad will not be restarted)

If you sign out from the iPad controller, you can also sign out from the controlling PC at the same time.

When using Zoom Rooms with 3 screens, one screen can be set as a local view

Zoom room setups with three screens can have one screen designated for local view.The screen designated for local view will only display shared content to the attendees physically present in the room.

When using Zooms Rooms with 3 screens in a meeting etc., it is now possible to set one screen as a local view, that is, as a screen only for those who are using Zoom Rooms.

As a result, only speakers, materials, participants, etc. can be distributed to space where Zoom Rooms is used.

Calling Zoom Phone from Zoom Rooms

Users can transfer active Zoom Phone calls from a Zoom Room to another user.

It is now possible to connect and call the new Zoom Phone from Zoom Rooms. (*Note Zoom Phone is a service not provided in Japan)

When using Zoom Phone in Zoom Rooms, 3 lines can be connected simultaneously

Users can have multiple active calls simultaneously in a Zoom Room, and merge the calls when desired.

When using Zoom Phone in Zoom Rooms, you can connect 3 lines at the same time and integrate them at any time. (*Note Zoom Phone is a service not yet provided in Japan)

Switch from Zoom Phone to Zoom Meeting

Users can convert a Zoom Phone call in a Zoom Room to a Zoom meeting.

You can easily switch to a Zoom meeting while using Zoom Phone in Zoom Rooms. (*Note Zoom Phone is a service not yet provided in Japan)

Alert me about your next meeting

Admins can disable on screen alerts for upcoming meetings that display on the Zoom Room computer. Alerts are still displayed during active meetings and on Zoom Room controllers.

When using Zoom Rooms, an alert will be displayed on the display when the next scheduled meeting is approaching.

One-click audio connection to Google Hangouts meetings

Users can join the audio of a Google Hangouts meeting with one click from the Zoom Room controller.

One-click audio connection to Google Hangouts from the Zoom Rooms controller.

Save multiple whiteboards as PDF

Zoom Room Touch users can save a multi-page whiteboard as a .PDF file.

With Zoom Rooms, you can use multiple whiteboard functions and then save as a PDF file.

Selectable noise reduction strength

Users can choose moderate or aggressive noise suppression on their Zoom Room controllers to eliminate background noise.This feature can also be disabled.

The noise reduction function during a meeting can now be set in three levels: disabled, weak, and strong.

You can set it from Settings> Microphone> Advanced> Advanced Noise Suppression.

Change the layout of screen division and display the weather

Admins can choose templates that will display multiple types of content on a digital signage screen.

You can change the layout of the screen division from the room settings of Zoom Rooms.

Room settings> Digital notation> Layout

The layout can be selected from the conventional “standard center” that displays videos and images on a full screen, and “video + content” that displays videos and images in parallel.

You can also display the weather widget on the display.

Customize Dispray> Edit Weather


In this article, I have summarized all the new features and system-related information regarding Zoom, as well as detailed details in comment format.

Zoom has been overwhelmingly supported as a web meeting and conference tool product, but the latest features will be added one after another.

We will keep you updated on this article by adding the latest information related to these products and features, and we hope you will continue to check this article.

For those who have already introduced it and for companies and organizations that are considering future introduction, please use the new function, and please realize a smoother meeting and work efficiency.

Thank you for reading this article until the end.


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