Switch between multiple cameras with the convenient Spotlight feature in Zoom

The day when you want to stream with multiple cameras comes suddenly

I wish I had multiple cameras when giving a lecture at Zoom.

What’s the matter?

This kind of thing comes to mind in the case of a lecture where the camera for instructor photography and the camera for hand photography are switched.

For example, when you want to open a course such as cooking or handicraft, switching the camera makes it easier for customers to see, which is very convenient.

Of course, you can move the instructor’s camera and bring it with you.

But with just a few things, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to make your course more satisfying! !!

Let’s easily create a multi-camera environment using a smartphone

In fact, some people receive this consultation at the monthly consultation meeting.

I want to use multiple cameras, what should I do? When asked, why not try using your smartphone’s camera? Is answered.


The nice thing about smartphones is that they are small, easy to carry, and versatile.

The camera is also better than a bad webcam, isn’t it?

This camera is set on the arm and fixed to a desk etc. to make it a handheld camera.

If you look for a shopping site, you can find a lot of clip-type smartphone arms that are easy to install.

If you are interested, please search for “smartphone flexible arm” on Amazon .

There will be a lot of them, so I think you should choose one that has a good angle and length for your purpose and that does not have a bad reputation.

For example, this is the one.

It’s about the price, but the market price starts from around 1000 yen.

Please refer to this article I wrote earlier for how to join Zoom on your smartphone.

Use the spotlight feature in Zoom to make certain images look bigger

In the normal state of Zoom, the speaker (the person who is talking now) is displayed on a large screen.

When it comes to …

If it is left as it is, the image from the smartphone camera will be cut off and used, so it will remain small.

With this, there is not much merit in using multiple cameras.

And you who mourn.

This is a function that is displayed when three or more people enter, so I think that many people do not know its existence, but there is a spotlight function .

Of the many camera images lined up with the organizer and participants, move the cursor over the one you want to display larger and click the three dot marks to bring up the menu, then set the spotlight to enlarge the image It will be displayed.

If you use this, you will be able to display the image of your camera in a large fixed size.

As an aside, if you use the spotlight function, the screens of the participants will be displayed in a large size at the same time, but in normal times, the participants will display the image of a specific camera in a large size from the fixed camera. It is possible to make it.

Precautions when using the spotlight function with Zoom


Normally, when using the spotlight feature, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the Pro Plan instead of the Free Plan .

The reason is that if you log in to both your own computer and smartphone, this is enough for two people to participate.

If customers enter here, there will be 3 or more people, so it will be subject to the 40-minute time limit.

Conversely, it also means that a free plan is okay for taking something like a video for posting on youtube by yourself .

Also, joining a smartphone to Zoom means using the communication line of the smartphone, so don’t forget to connect to wifi etc. before joining .


What do you think?

I think it was fairly easy to build an environment for two cameras.


You can do the same with the 3-turtle system in this way, so please try to create an environment that is easier to convey.


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