TDS in India in webex

The TDS certificate is the documentation that proves tax is deducted at source every quarter, but only in India. Please send us your TDS certificate in order for us to be able to process your refund.

Several Indian regulations require income tax to be deducted at source from an individual’s income, as part of a Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) programme. As a result, all taxable payments made to Cisco have to be deducted from the payment at the prescribed rate and remitted to the Central Government of India if you are making a taxable payment.

A TDS certificate has to be submitted on a specific date as per the schedule below and as per Indian tax law. On the website of the Income Tax Department of India, you will be able to find more information regarding TDS.

It is necessary for you to submit a TDS certificate to in order to receive credit for the amount deducted. Your refund will be processed by Cisco within approximately 60 days of the request.

QuarterCertificates must be received by Cisco
April to JuneBy August 31
July to SeptemberBy November 30
October to DecemberBy February 28
January to MarchBy May 31

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