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Getting started

Five things to know about apps

Video: Use apps in Teams

Browse all available apps

Add or remove an app

Using apps

Use apps collaboratively in chat or channel tabs

Use apps in meetings

Insert app content into a message

Chat with a bot

Get app notifications in a channel (Connectors)

Use an app with a personal view

Are you a developer?

Build an app for Teams

Got feedback?

Report a problem with an app

Access/organize apps

Browse all available apps

Access your apps

Pin an app for easy access

Pop out an app in a new window

Get a link to a tab

For schedulers

Create a Bookings calendar

Add staff and view a Bookings calendar

Create an appointment type

Schedule a booking

Filter a booking calendar to view select staff schedules

What is Bookings?

For attendees

Join a Bookings appointment as an attendee

Conduct a Bookings appointment

Additional resources

Comparison chart: Bookings web app vs Bookings Team app

How Microsoft Teams helps industries (healthcare, finance, etc.) meet compliance


Get started with Lists in Teams

View your team’s lists

Add, edit, or delete items in Lists

Add, edit, move, or delete columns in Lists

Format a Lists view

Format the pill shapes in a choice column

Have a conversation about a list item

Provide access to a list in Teams

Rename or remove a list in a Teams channel


Video: What is Shifts?

Get started in Shifts

Video: Create a Shifts schedule

Fill out a schedule

Keyboard shortcuts for Shifts

View the team schedule

Print a schedule

Manage settings

Video: Manage a Shifts schedule

Manage your shifts

Fill out or edit a shifts schedule in Excel

The Excel template for Shifts

Time off and availability

Set up Time Clock

Clock in and out using Time Clock

Export time reporting


Create a checklist

Create a poll

Create a survey

Microsoft Power Platform

Create apps using Power Apps

Create and use Power Automate flows

Collaborate with Power BI

Create bots using Power Virtual Agents


Add a OneNote notebook

Access notes outside the app


Get started in Patients


Video: Use the Tasks app

Publish task lists to track work in your org

Assign tasks to team members



Add and use a Wiki tab

Edit and format a Wiki tab

Walkie Talkie

Get started with Teams Walkie Talkie

Communicate with your team in Walkie Talkie


More apps

Add a Kanban board

Use the Project or Roadmap apps

Add and use a Stream tab

Use the Organization tab

Troubleshoot the Website tab

Create, edit, and collaborate on a form

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