Teams – Meetings


Overview of meetings in Teams

Join a meeting

Using video in Teams

Invite people to a meeting

Share content

 Record a meeting



Join a meeting

Join a meeting without a Teams account

Join a meeting on a second device

Join a meeting as a view-only attendee

Join a breakout room

Install the add-on for Google Workspace

Video: Join a Teams meeting


Chat in a Teams meeting

Using video in Teams

Spotlight a video

Multitasking in a meeting

Raise your hand

Express yourself in a meeting

Video: Move around in a Teams meeting

Take meeting notes

Participate in a meeting on Surface Hub


Customize your meeting view

Change your video background

Manage audio settings

Reduce background noise

Optimize mobile data usage

Hide your identity in captions or transcripts

Keyboard shortcuts for Teams meetings


Share content

Share PowerPoint slides

Laser point or draw on PowerPoint slides

Share computer sound

Whiteboard in a meeting

Cast PowerPoint to a Teams Room

Cast content from mobile to a Teams Room

Video: Show your screen during a meeting

Set up

Schedule a meeting

Schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook

Schedule a Teams meeting from Google

Schedule a meeting with registration

Video: Manage meetings

Add a dial-in number for a meeting

See all your meetings

Invite people to a meeting

Roles in a Teams meeting

Manage audio and video permissions

Use live captions

Change participant settings

Best practices for a large Teams meeting

Manage your Teams calendar

Meet up

Start an instant meeting

Start a new Teams meeting on Surface Hub

Use breakout rooms

View and download meeting attendance reports

End a meeting for everyone in attendance

Using Cortana voice assistance in Teams

Using Cortana in Microsoft Teams Rooms

View live transcription

​​​​​​Use Presenter mode

Manage call and meeting quality in Teams

Video: Meet instantly

Video: Tip: Meet in a channel


Record a meeting

Play and share a meeting recording

Delete a meeting recording

Edit a recording transcript

Set up

Get started with live events

Live event organizer checklist

Use Teams for tier 1 events

Schedule a live event

Invite attendees

Video: Plan and schedule a live event


Produce using Teams

Video: Produce a live event

Produce using an external app or device

Best practices for producing

Present in a live event

Moderate a Q&A

Allow anonymous presenters

Get an attendee engagement report

Manage event recording and reports


Attend a live event

Video: Attend a live event

Participate in a Q&A

Use live captions


Get started with webinars

Video: Schedule a webinar

Schedule a webinar

Publicize a webinar

View a webinar registration report

Change webinar details

Cancel a webinar

View and download a webinar attendance report.


Manage meetings

Join a Teams meeting

Show your screen during a meeting

Move around during a Teams meeting

Meet instantly

Plan and schedule a live event

Produce a live event

Attend a live event

Moderating a Q&A

Schedule a webinar


Tips for Teams meetings

Tip: Meet in a channel

Tip: Show PowerPoint slides

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