The biggest attraction of Zoom is not its function

What do you think is the biggest attraction of Zoom?
Is that a feature? Is the image beautiful?
It has a lot more charm.


Zoom Academy Japan holds a Zoom Master study session once a month.

This is a study session that only Zoom organizer seminar participants can attend,

The Zoom Master study session in March started at 9 pm, so after that, I moved to the Zoom drinking party.


Let’s all talk about various things while holding each favorite drink and drinking it with a squeak! The project.

Shochu, whiskey, wine, chuhai, herbal tea, tea, etc …

First of all, a fun conversation started from the question “What are you drinking?”


I hadn’t decided on a theme, so to be honest, I was wondering if it would be very exciting.

However, this is a big excitement!

Usually, it is a time when everyone who participates in seminars and studying, which is a little hard place, can talk to each other at once.


If you talk to each other, you will feel a sense of intimacy and want to do something together! It also becomes an atmosphere.

At this Zoom drinking party, participants were able to connect side by side.


Yesterday, I actually met one of the participants in the Zoom drinking party at my local Starbucks.

Since I have met many times at Zoom, I suddenly went to the main subject without a formal greeting.

Let’s collaborate together! I’m looking forward to the future.


I think this is the biggest attraction of Zoom.

It is the power to connect people.

Like Skype, if the audio is interrupted, the video is distorted, or the connection is disconnected, you will be conscious of it, so you can’t relax.

In that respect, Zoom allows you to have a stable conversation in any style you like, wherever you like, without interruption, so you can concentrate on chatting without worrying about disturbing your good times.

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