The solution when the video generation of Zoom cannot be resumed after interrupting the video generation.

The movie recorded on the computer with Zoom, the movie starts to be generated after the seminar is over, but since there was other use, I interrupted it and shut down the computer.

I wanted to restart the generation later, but I couldn’t.

In that case, I will write down what to do.
* By the way, this article is for Windows users.

When the recorded data of Zoom is recorded on the PC, the movie data will be generated when the meeting is finished.

Please refer to this article for folders that can store video data.

” Where is the Zoom Meeting saved when I record it on my computer? ”


If this data generation is interrupted, video data cannot be created and remains as a temporary file.

Double-clicking ” double_click_to_convert_01.zoom ” below should start data generation…

For some reason, the message ” Please choose how to open this file. ” is displayed and the movie generation cannot be resumed.

What should I do when I double-click the file extension “.zoom”? Windows is confused.

Then you can tell Windows what to do when you click on a “.zoom” file.

Click ” More apps “.

* Leave the check in” Always open .zoom files using this app “.


Explorer will open, so open “User” in C drive.

Open the folder with your user name.

The user name varies from person to person.


Next, open “AppData”… but this is a hidden file, so it is often not displayed.

If you can’t see “AppData”, show hidden files.

① Click the “Display” tab

② Check “Hidden file”.


Open “Roaming” in “AppData”.

“Zoom” can be found in it. Open the “Zoom” folder.

Open the “bin”.

Double-click “zTscoder.exe”.

*The extension (.exe) may not be displayed.


This will start the video generation.

“You can see that the icon of the double_click_to_convert_01.zoom ” file is the Zoom logo.


When the conversion is complete, you will have a video file named “zoom_0.mp4″

Once this operation is done, from the next time on , double-clicking ” double_click_to_convert_01.zoom ” will start the video generation.



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