There is a new item on the “Record” page of My Zoom Meeting Settings!

he Zoom update on June 25th had a number of major changes.
On the other hand, there is also a change in “Record” in My Meeting settings.


Zoom is constantly being updated.

A private Facebook group, open only to those who attended the Zoom Organizer Seminar, will inform you of the updates and what they are about.

Please always use the latest version.


This time, it’s not the app, but the website.

There was a change in the “Records” tab on Zoom’s My Meeting Settings page.



The item
“Recording active spearer, gallery view and shared screen separate lry” in this .

Translated into Japanese, the speaker view, gallery view, and screen sharing are recorded separately. ”



If you check here

  • Speaker view
  • Gallery view
  • Screen sharing

There are three items.


If you check all of these, you can create a lot of recorded data.


  • Shared screen with speaker view
    Recorded in speaker view.
  • Shared screen with a gallery view
    Recorded in the gallery view.
  • Only the active speaker view is recorded.
  • Gallery view
    Only the gallery view is recorded.
  • Shared Screen
    Only the shared screen is recorded.

You don’t really understand the difference.

However, it is very useful to know the difference between these recording formats when trying to utilize the actual recorded data.


At what time and which recording method should be selected?

Seminars on a recording, editing, and distribution using Zoom will be held twice in July.



Make full use of videos recorded with Zoom!
Video shooting & editing & distribution seminar made with Zoom


Actually, the only part related to this seminar, Zoom, is the first data recording part!

Subsequent “editing”, “uploading”, “security”, and “delivery” parts are not limited to Zoom, but are general video usage methods.

  1. What are some ways to easily edit a video?
  2. I’m worried that the uploaded videos will not be scattered!
  3. Video distribution method (email, Ameba Blog, WordPress)
  4. How to show the video only to those who want to see it

Internet line speeds are getting faster, and personal computers are getting more and more sophisticated.

From now on, we are in an era of “videos” that are more appealing than images and text data.

This is a seminar for beginners to explain how to make full use of such videos in an easy-to-understand manner.


Make full use of videos recorded with Zoom!
Video shooting & editing & distribution seminar made with Zoom





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