This is the reason why you have to pay a telephone fee to use Zoom!

After scheduling a meeting with Zoom, I sometimes see people who copy and paste the invitation as it is.

It’s such an invitation.

If you’re new to Zoom after seeing this invitation…

One-tap mobile device?

Dial at location?

While tilting his head, some people misunderstand that they need to make a phone call.


Zoom allows you to exchange audio over the phone when your computer does not have a microphone or speakers.

However, when you use a telephone for voice exchange, you will be charged a telephone fee to the base station.


But now, when interacting with a computer, the computer will probably have a microphone and speakers.

And if you don’t have a microphone or speaker, you can just access Zoom on your smartphone or tablet.


In other words, if you use it in a general way, you rarely make a call and exchange voice.

If you’re new to Zoom, unnecessary information can only be confusing, so keep your invitation text simple.


First, open the ” Settings ” screen of and check the audio type.

Select ” Computer audio ” for ” Audio type ” .

Then, when scheduling with the Zoom app, ” Computer Audio ” will be selected from the beginning .

If it is not selected, select ” Computer Audio “.

If you schedule in this state, the invitation will be as follows.

What is needed in this is

Please add your own words to this, and send an easy-to-understand invitation text.


By the way, if you select ” Audio for phone and computer ” in ” Audio ” , the following invitation will be displayed.

Please do not send the red box with us and let the people who attend participate pay unnecessary telephone charges.

I will talk about such content at the ZOOM sponsor seminar.

At the ZOOM organizer seminar, Zoom has these features! You can do this! It’s not just that.

I will tell you that this function is used in this way at such times.

Also, since this function is not usually used, it is a practical content to set it to OFF so as not to cause confusion.


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