Thorough introduction of Zoom’s breakout session function! A strong ally for the seminar!

In this article, we will introduce you to the breakout session, which is a major feature of Zoom!

If you use the breakout session function, you can greatly increase what you can do at the seminar at Zoom.

This “breakout session” is a major feature of Zoom’s functionality. This is a very useful function when you want to do group work in a seminar or class.

Breakout Sessions These are the two steps you need to take to use a session.



Only this. It’s not difficult, so you’ll be ready to use it as soon as you read this article!

Master Zoom’s breakout sessions to create compelling seminars.

Convenient for Zoom seminars! ~ Breakout session ~


When holding a seminar in a conference room, I think that you may set a time frame to form a group and have the participants do group work.

Seminars using a web conferencing system are also convenient, but some people say that they choose a seminar in a conference room because they want to do it.

In fact, you can do this with Zoom! In Zoom, by using a function called “breakout session”, participants can be divided into groups and divided into individual talk rooms, and group work performed at conference room seminars is also possible on the web.

If you can divide it into these small groups, you can use Zoom to hold not only passive seminars but also seminars in which participants can actively participate.

Whether you know this feature or not will make a big difference in the breadth of your Zoom seminars.

Breakout sessions are also available in the free version (Basic)

This is a breakout session function that expands the range of seminars using Zoom, but many Zoom users do not know how to use it.

Why is that?

Actually, this breakout session is not included in the busy icon by default.

Therefore, there are times when it is a function limited to the paid version (Pro) or it does not know its existence in the first place.

At first, I also thought that this feature was only available in the paid version (Pro). It’s a shame …

However, the breakout session function is a function that can be used properly even in the free version (Basic).

A breakout session is a feature that anyone can use as long as it is set up properly.

How to use breakout session ① Set in My Page

In order to use the breakout session, you need to change the settings yourself.

First of all, please sign in to My Page from the official Zoom website.

Click here for Zoom official page

From there, select “My Meeting Settings” in the bar on the left side of My Page. After that, select “Meeting” that appears near the center of the screen. In addition, you can customize all the functions that can be used in Zoom here.


As you scroll through it, there is an item called “Breakout Room” in the middle of the game, so turn it on.



You are now ready. If you make this setting and then use Zoom, you will have more choices for “breakout sessions”.

By default, the breakout session isn’t available because it’s turned off.

I wanted it to be ON by default …

By the way, you can make various other settings in My Page. For that, please refer to “How to use Zoom-Introducing how to customize! Let’s master Zoom further”.



How to use breakout session ② Let’s actually use it

Once you’ve set up a breakout session, you’ll have more choices for a breakout session when you launch a call in Zoom.


Select this icon to determine the allocation for a breakout session.


The number of sessions sets how many groups are created.

The automatic and manual options are a way to decide how to group participants.

This time I will select manual.

Click Create Session to create the group and display the following screen.


On this screen, you can set who should be in which group. You can move the person to another group by hovering over the name.

Then select Start All Sessions and you’re ready for a breakout session. When the breakout session begins, the participants disappear from the screens of the organizers.

In other words, group work has begun in each group.

How to use the breakout session ③ The organizer goes in and out of each group

During group work, it is common to see the organizer visiting the surroundings and sending advice at the conference room seminar.

Can you do that with a Zoom breakout session?


In conclusion, you can!


The organizer can also enter the Zoom breakout session. And it’s free!

While in each group, you can enter into conversations there.

To join the group, first select the breakout session icon.


Each group and its members are displayed there, but the word “Join” is displayed at the right end of the group display. If you select here, you can join the group.

If you want to leave, select “Leave Breakout Session” on the top icon.



Alternatively, the “Join” button selected when joining the breakout session has been changed to the “Exit” button, so you can also exit by selecting this.


The organizer can enter and leave the group conversation at his own timing, so he can go around the group he created. The appeal of Zoom is that you can recreate group work at a conference room seminar!

If you want to finish the group work and return to the seminar, just click “Stop All Sessions” in the breakout session. A countdown notification of approximately 60 seconds will be displayed on both the organizer side and the participants side.


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