Three items to keep in mind when buying a computer

Recently, I have received many such consultations.
Is it because you started to use Zoom and needed a personal computer with a little better performance or your own personal computer?
To use Zoom comfortably, it should have a decent performance.


So, when I thought about buying a personal computer.

I’m worried about buying a cheap computer, and if possible, I want to buy one that can be used for a long time …

With that in mind, my worries are endless.

Computers are not cheap shopping.

  • Where should I buy it?
  • What kind of computer is good?
  • What kind of manufacturer is good?

I think there are three things to worry about.

This time, I will write about these three items.

Where should I buy it?

When I see a computer that is on sale at a consumer electronics retail store, I just want it.

I like the colors and the screen is beautiful …


but please wait for a moment! !!


Why are PCs on sale at home electronics retail stores on sale?

It’s often because it’s unsold and you want to sell it quickly.

A personal computer that is out of shape and is likely to be unsold.

In many cases, such PCs are lined up in stores as sale items and recommended items.

Here is an image of the computer that the person who actually consulted was trying to buy.


For example, if you search for this computer on, it will be 117,800 yen including tax  !

What, the difference of even ¥ 33,184 There is.

No matter how cheap the store is, the clerk says that it is not comparable to the price of an online shop.

You can touch your computer at the store and buy it online … This is the basics.

If you find a computer that you think “this is good” at a home electronics retail store or a computer shop, first check the price of that computer online.

What kind of computer is good?

Of course, “what kind of computer is good?” Depends on “what do you want to do with that computer?”

If you can connect to the Internet, send and receive emails, and surf the Internet, you don’t have to worry too much about performance.

So what kind of computer would you like to use Zoom comfortably?

Basically, there are three factors that greatly affect the performance of a personal computer: CPU, memory, and storage medium .
( * Since the story is complicated here, the graphic board is omitted.)

First of all, isn’t it the “CPU” that you often hear?

This is the part that is the brain of a personal computer.

Recently, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 have become mainstream.


If you want to use Zoom comfortably, Core i5 is enough.

4GB of memory is enough, but if possible, I would like 8GB.


When using it normally, the speed of the personal computer is most affected by whether the storage medium is a hard disk or SSD.

If you buy a personal computer, I definitely recommend the one with SSD specifications.


From the start of Windows, you will be freed from the wasted time that the application starts up much faster and the cursor spins around and goes into a standby state.


I want to use Zoom comfortably! A personal computer for people to buy.
Summary of ···

  • If you have a spare Core i5 budget, you can use Core i7 as the CPU!
  • Memory is 4GB, preferably 8GB
  • Equipped with SSD, or both SSD and hard disk

If you choose a computer under these conditions, you will be able to live a stress-free computer life.

Once again, SSDs are a must!

There is a big difference in speed between a computer with only a hard disk and a computer with SSD.

What kind of manufacturer is good?

This computer is insanely cool! !! I want this computer!

In such a case, regardless of the manufacturer, you should check only the performance and select the computer.

At other times, you choose a computer by weighing performance and price.


PCs from major manufacturers such as Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic, and Toshiba have beautiful displays, good sound, thinness, and lightness, for example.

We are trying to compete in areas other than the original performance.

Also, there are a lot of apps from the beginning so that you can use it immediately after buying it.

It is not uncommon for computers to slow down due to these apps.


If possible, it’s a good idea to buy a computer that is as simple as possible and put only the necessary apps in it.


Under such circumstances, the personal computer I recommend is a mouse computer that has a factory in Nagano prefecture and has a lot of support.


You may often see it in TV commercials these days.

But I still don’t know about mouse computers! There are many people who say that.


It doesn’t look very stylish.

There are few color variations … or rather, there are few.

However, at this price, this performance is impossible for major PC makers! I am making a personal computer with good cost performance.

We have a lot of support, so even if you have any problems, we will support you.


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