Tips for getting the information you want from Zoom support

oom support is basically in English.
But English is impossible! You don’t have to flinch.
Even if you write it in Japanese, the support person will manage to respond using Google Translate.
Here are some tips on how to get the information you want from Zoom support.


If you’re technically unsure about Zoom or want to inquire about pricing, use Zoom support.

When you access Zoom.US, “Help” will be displayed at the bottom right, so click it.

Enter what you want to hear here and click the magnifying glass icon.

Candidates for answers to the questions will appear.

Depending on the content, you may be able to see the answer in a video.

But the video is in English.

If your answer suggestions don’t include what you want to know, chat directly with a support person.

If you want to ask about prices and contracts, select “Sales” in “Select department”.

If you want to hear about Zoom’s technical stuff, select Support.

Chat is basically in English.

Even if you write in Japanese, the support people will communicate using Google Translate, but for those who can communicate in English, I think that English is definitely easier to understand.


The people who support Zoom are very kind, but since they are not Japanese, they do not understand what they mean and respond to them like Japanese people do.

If you have the impression that you can’t just give an ambiguous answer, it seems better to think that your question was ambiguous.


For example, this time I had this kind of interaction with a support person.

If you have a meeting with one host and one participant, the time should be unlimited even with a free account, but even in that state it may expire in 40 minutes.
Please let us know the date and time when the phenomenon occurred and the meeting ID.
The date and time is October 9, 2018, and the meeting ID is 000-000-000.
The meeting was attended by three people according to the system record.
e? … such …


“That shouldn’t be the case! Certainly, only two people attended that meeting!”

Even if you protest, the support person can not help.

To the end, this is the person who asks the question , and the support is the person who answers .

The problem can be resolved quickly if you know that the support person is not the person who responds to the complaint .

The continuation of the exchange is as follows.

Is there a pattern where you have only two people in a meeting and you end up with three on record?
Yes, that is also the case.
When is it?
I attended a meeting once, but the internet connection was bad, and it was cut off once, and then I reconnected.
In such a case, please end the meeting and re-enter.
So that’s it! Certainly, the other party said that the internet line was unstable!
well understood. Thank you very much.

In this way, the support person will answer this exact question accurately.

How do you get the information you want from the other party?

That also requires a little trick.



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