Tips for having a Zoom meeting with multiple people while looking at one screen

If you want to join Zoom in a group, is it easy to use Zoom? I thought, but when it came time to actually do it, I found that there was a difficult problem.


In a company or group, several people may want to have a meeting while looking at one screen

In such a case, you can use Zoom and a projector to hold a Zoom meeting with multiple people.

However, it is necessary to prepare a small amount of equipment, and there are also tips on how to use those equipment.


Let’s assume that you have a projector and a screen that projects images.


First, install the webcam above or below the screen.

You need a long USB extension cable to connect the webcam to your computer, but even if you look for it on Amazon, the maximum cable is 5m.

iBUFFALO USB2.0 Repeater Cable (A to A) 5.0m Black Skeleton BSUAAR250BS

Since the USB cable is also used as a power source, it has the disadvantage that if it is too long, connection failure will occur easily.

The WEB camera placed near the screen is used exclusively for the camera even if it has a built-in microphone.

Zoom sets this webcam as a camera .


Place the table within reach of the 5m USB cable.

Place the computer on the table and connect the computer to the projector.


Connect another WEB camera with a built-in microphone to your computer, and place it in the center of the table so that everyone’s voice can easily enter this WEB camera.

This WEB camera with a built-in microphone is used only as a microphone.

Zoom sets this webcam as a microphone.

Of course, there is no problem with using a real microphone, but I think that there is also a WEB camera with a built-in microphone because it can be purchased at a lower price.

The WEB camera on the screen shows everyone’s face.

Pick up everyone’s voice with the WEB camera for the microphone in the middle of the table.


In this state, if you start Zoom from your computer, you can have a web conference with multiple people.


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