To create multiple rooms at the same time and record each one in Zoom

“I want to make two rooms at the same time and record the state of each room.”
There was such an inquiry.
It makes me happy that everyone is using Zoom in various ways.


There are two ways for one person to create two rooms at the same time.

  1. Take two accounts and set up a meeting with each account.
  2. Launch a meeting and use a breakout session in it.


If you have two accounts, you can make both paid accounts and set up a meeting for each, and you can record in the cloud on both.

This is the simplest and easiest way, but it costs you two paid accounts.

Therefore, it is conceivable to make one a paid account and the other a free account.

Free people can only record on a computer, so if the organizer has only one computer, they cannot go back and forth between the rooms.

However, it’s okay if you have someone else’s computer record the meeting.

However, if you have a free account, if you join with 3 or more people, it will expire in 40 minutes.


If you can get someone else to record your meeting, you can also use a breakout session.

First of all, in the main session, decide the person in charge of recording for the number of rooms and have them start recording to the computer as it is.

Assign each person to a separate breakout room and the recording will continue.

When recording to a computer, you can record what you see on the computer screen, so recording will continue regardless of whether you are in the main session or breakout session.


After the meeting is over, you will need to have each recorded data sent to you.



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