Turn on / off the “mirror effect” when you see yourself flipped in Zoom

Zoom’s own appearance setting is “Mirror effect” on / off

“Oh, the letters are the opposite-Can you read it?”

“Hoshino-san, it’s okay !!”


Yes, actually

Only you can see it flipped

It looks right to others.


How to fix Zoom’s mirror effects

1. 1. Click the “Yamagata mark” to the right of the “Stop video” icon at the bottom of the Zoom screen.

3. 3. Select “Video” on the left

4. Uncheck Enable Mirror Effects.

Checked and inverted

After unchecking it, it looks correct.

What is the mirror effect for?

Whether you check or uncheck it, the way it looks to other people does not change.

How do you see it to yourself? It’s just that.

So what is this feature for?


I’m guessing

To get dressed? ?? ?? (* ^^ *)


It looks the same as a mirror, so it’s convenient when you want to fix hair splashes or bent collars.

If it’s not a mirror, it won’t work.


I’m thinking, but maybe there are others?


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