Two ways to get into a meeting with Zoom

When you send a Zoom invitation URL to attendees, you may not be able to join the Zoom meeting with the message “You are using an unsupported browser”.
I wrote the cause and the solution.


When you are invited to a meeting or seminar with Zoom, you will often click the invitation URL to enter the Zoom meeting.

Since the invitation URL is a URL, the browser will start.

* Browser is software for viewing homepages.


The standard browser for Windows is Internet Explorer, and for Mac, Safari.

It seems that most people are using Google Chrome now, but I also occasionally see people using Firefox.


When you click on the invitation URL, the browser launches and passes the process to Zoom from there.

However, if the version of this browser is old or you are using a special browser,

“I’m using an unsupported browser”

Message is displayed.


If this happens, why not attend a Zoom meeting?

In fact, there are two ways to attend a meeting launched by someone other than yourself in Zoom.
One is to click on the invitation URL sent by the meeting organizer.

If you get an error this way, try another method.


That is, type in the meeting ID directly into the Zoom app.

The meeting ID is the last 9 or 10 digits of the invitation URL.

For example, if the invitation URL is this,

The ” 689168661 ” at the end is the meeting ID.


First, start Zoom from your computer.

If you are using Windows, look for Zoom from the start button at the bottom left.

Click “Start Zoom” to start Zoom.


Now click Join Meeting.


Enter the meeting ID and the name that will be displayed during the Zoom meeting and click Join.

When the sign-in screen appears, sign in with your email address and password.

If you haven’t created an account, click “Back” at the bottom left. ↑ The above screen will be displayed.

When you sign in, you will see a screen like this.

Click the Join button and enter the meeting ID and the name that will appear during the Zoom meeting to join the meeting.




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