Use of Zoom on iPhone remains in call history

This article is an article that only some of the iPhone users will need.

As the title says, the content is

This is a case where the use of Zoom on the iPhone is recorded in the call history.

This happens when you join Zoom from an iPhone with the Zoom app.

If you put a screenshot of the iPhone call history screen for easy understanding, it will be displayed like this.


In this case, you can see that you joined Zoom from your smartphone on 8/17.

When did you start?

To be honest, that was already the case when I realized it.

However, as a matter of fact, there is no problem.

Even among those who are aware of it, I think there are many people who are aware that something is displayed.

Please be assured that just because it is in the call history does not mean that the call will be connected and you will be charged a call charge, or that Zoom will be connected and you will be impatient.

How to prevent Zoom usage from being recorded in your call history

As I said earlier, it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind, but some people have a strong feeling that they don’t want to display meaningless things.

So it’s pretty easy not to leave it in your call history.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Zoom app

First, click the Zoom app icon on the iPhone screen to open it.


Step 2. Open the setting screen

After opening the Zoom app, click Settings at the bottom right to open the settings screen.

The state is the following screen.


You can see that there is an item called General near the center of this screen .

Please choose that general.

Step 3. Turn off integrated communication


If you open the general, there is an item called integrated communication in it.

All you have to do is press the green part here to turn it off.

Now, even if you join Zoom from your iPhone, it will not be recorded in the call history.


There is almost nothing to summarize this time, but it can be deleted from the history by following the above steps.

In my case, I sometimes join Zoom from my iPhone when creating and verifying content.

However, the frequency is not high, so I didn’t have to worry about this display because it was buried in the call history.

However, you may find it annoying when there are few calls.


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