Use screen sharing more conveniently if you’re using Apple products

Please note that this article is a niche for those who use Apple products for both PCs and smartphones.

Zoom has a screen sharing feature, which is also mentioned in this article.

Screen sharing is an excellent thing that you can share anything displayed on your computer.

If this screen sharing function meets the conditions, it can be used more widely without mirroring software or a capture board .

This time I will introduce how to do it.

Linkage function of Apple products

I think that few people use it unexpectedly, but it is possible to display the screen of iPhone or iPad (hereinafter iOS terminal) in real time by using the function that is installed as standard on Mac PC.

There are two things that can be done by using this method.

  • Displaying the screen of the iOS device on a Mac
  • Recording the screen of an iOS device on a Mac

In other words, the screen can be displayed on the Mac computer in real time.

Being able to display it on a computer means that it can be shared via Zoom screen sharing.

To use this function, you need to have iOS 8 or above and macOS Yosemite or above, so please upgrade if you are using an older OS.

How to share iOS device screen with Zoom

Connect your Mac and iPhone

All you need to connect your Mac to your iOS device is a very simple Lightning cable with the communication function you normally use for charging.

However, the Lightning cable dedicated to charging does not have a communication function, so it cannot be used.

When you’re ready, plug the Lightning side into your iOS device and the USB side into your Mac’s USB port.

After connecting the Mac and the iOS device, start the Mac’s standard software QuickTime Player.


Click “File”-> “Record New Movie” in the QuickTime Player menu.


Look at the control menu displayed next.


Press “∨” to the right of the red circle in the center of this screen.


If you select the name of the connected terminal from there, you should be able to display it on the Mac screen.

For me, the camera is goepad.


Yes, mirroring is now complete.

Share your screen with Zoom

The screen of the iOS terminal was displayed on the Mac computer by the previous work.

From here on, it’s basically the same as a normal Zoom screen sharing operation.

When sharing the screen, select the entire desktop or QuickTime Player to display it.


Let’s select this panel.

The screen of the connected iOS device is delivered to Zoom.

Since it is delivered in real time, it is possible to deliver the entire operation process.

If you check “Share computer audio” when selecting screen sharing, the audio will also be played, so you can play videos on your iOS device, for example.

As far as I tried, I was able to share videos such as Youtube without stress.


What you can do with this sharing is not just that you will be able to convey the operation explanations of iOS devices in a more understandable way.

It means that you can also capture the camera, which is one of the functions of iOS devices.

In other words, you can share your hand with the camera of the iOS device fixed with the arm while shooting yourself with the camera of the Mac.

The need to connect multiple cameras is very large, but this function means that a multi-camera environment can be realized without logging in to Zoom on multiple terminals because you want to use multiple cameras.

This effect is especially great for users who are operating with a free account, and since you only need to use one slot, you will be freed from the problem that if anyone enters from there, you can not exceed the 40 minute slot ..

It will be a function that can not be used if the conditions are not met, but if you have it at Apple, please use it.

Even if you are not, you can realize a similar environment by using mirroring software or a capture board.


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