Use Zoom on your tablet or smartphone

This time, I will introduce how to use Zoom on a tablet device or smartphone. This is a very convenient point to remember.

I sometimes use Zoom on my computer, but can I use Zoom on my tablet or smartphone? ??

In conclusion, you can use it! Moreover, there are advantages when using tablet devices and smartphones. There are two!


・ If you have the main unit, you do not need to prepare additional equipment such as a camera and microphone.

-Since the main body itself is portable, it can be used anywhere than a PC.


According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the possession rates of tablet terminals and smartphones were 7.2% and 9.7%, respectively, in 2010, but in 2016 they were 34.4% and 71.8%, respectively. ..

When using Zoom as the organizer, we recommended using it on a personal computer in terms of functionality. However, if you want to use Zoom as a participant, you can say that a tablet device or smartphone is convenient.

Considering the participants, it is recommended to remember how to use these terminals because there are many advantages.

Advantages of using Zoom on tablet devices and smartphones ①


The advantage of using Zoom on your tablet or smartphone is that you don’t have to prepare any additional equipment.

If you want to use Zoom with a computer, you need to prepare a webcam, microphone, and speakers. Zoom cannot be used without these.

However, tablet devices and smartphones do not need this. Tablet terminals and smartphones have a telephone function and a videophone function, and can also be used when using Zoom.

Therefore, if you have a tablet device or smartphone, the device itself is ready. It’s really easy!

Recently, an increasing number of people do not have a personal computer and only have a tablet terminal or a smartphone. According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the PC ownership rate has been declining from 87.2% in 2009 to 73% in 2016.

If Zoom can only be used on a PC, the market may narrow in the long run, but it is a big point that it can also be used on smartphones.

Advantages of using Zoom on tablet devices and smartphones ②


The benefits of using Zoom with a tablet or smartphone are not limited to device preparation.

The fact that you can use them to zoom means that you can use them anywhere. The degree of freedom is more than that of a personal computer.

Tablets and smartphones are smaller than laptops, and it’s no exaggeration to say that they fit in your pocket.

Considering the size of the screen itself, some tablet terminals are not much different from laptop computers. However, the thinness of the device itself and the convenience of charging will make the tablet terminal more competitive.

It can be said that tablet terminals and smartphones, which are more convenient to carry, will further expand the borderlessness of conference rooms by Zoom.

How to use Zoom with a tablet device or smartphone

Here, we will introduce how to actually use Zoom using a tablet device or smartphone.

This time, I will introduce how to use it using an example using iPad.

First of all, to use Zoom on your tablet or smartphone, you need to download the app.

Download the app on your device. The app to download is “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”.


There are no download costs, except for communication charges. If you are concerned about communication restrictions, please connect to Wi-Fi and download.


After the download is complete, launch the app.

After launching the app, select “Join Meeting” at the bottom of the center of the top page.



You will then be prompted to fill in the required information to attend the meeting. The meeting ID here is the last number (9-10 digits) in the URL when you invite to a Zoom meeting.

Also, change the name if necessary. When you’re done, select Join. You can now participate.


If you enter it correctly, you can join the meeting. When using for the first time, the terminal will ask for permission to connect the camera and microphone, so allow each.

If you don’t allow this, you may only see a black screen when Zoom is running. be careful.

How to use Zoom when you receive a URL by email or LINE


For tablet devices and smartphones, you may receive the URL of the meeting by e-mail or LINE.

In that case, you can also copy the last number of the URL and enter it from the app. But honestly it’s a hassle.

If you receive the URL, just step on the URL. Then, the terminal side will request to start Zoom.

If you allow Zoom to start, the Zoom app will start automatically. You will then be prompted for a name to use in the meeting (first time only). After completing this input, access to the meeting is complete.

It’s easier than typing it yourself.


The method of using Zoom using a tablet device or smartphone can be said to be a function mainly used by participants.

If you are going to hold a seminar or consult with Zoom, it is worth learning to know the customer’s environment rather than your own.

It is expected that the number of people who use Zoom using tablet devices and smartphones will increase in the future, so be sure to hold it down.


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