Using 1080p video for SIP/H.323 devices in zoom App

Note: In order to ensure meeting stability, this feature is temporarily unavailable due to increased platform usage.

H.323 and SIP devices can be used to transmit 1080p video in meetings for Business, Enterprise, and Education accounts. A minimum bandwidth of 3Mbps is required to use 1080p video.

Zoom Support will enable 1080p for Room Connector devices on the account once it has been enabled for the Desktop Client. A Zoom Admin or Owner must then enable 1080p in account settings if it hasn’t already been enabled.

If you plan to use this feature, Zoom recommends provisioning the device using the Zoom Cisco or Polycom API connector.

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How to enable 1080p for SIP/H.323 via the Zoom Connector

For devices provisioned through Zoom, 1080p needs to be enabled from the device settings:

  1. Log into Zoom’s web portal.
  2. Select Cisco/Polycom Rooms from the Room Management menu.
  3. To enable 1080p in a room, click Edit next to the room.
  4. To view advanced options, click Show advanced options.
  5. Enable 1080p will be toggled on.

We recommend setting the call rate to at least 3072 when provisioning the device.

How to use 1080p with SIP/H.323 with dialing strings

In order to join a meeting in 1080p with an H.323/SIP device that has not been provisioned with Zoom API Connector, you will need to add 309 to the dial string. Below are some examples of the dialing string:

H.323 dial string

     Meetings without a password:

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[IP Address]##[Meeting ID]##309

     Meetings with a password:

[IP Address]##[Meeting ID]#[Password]#309

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SIP dial string

Meetings without a password:

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[Meeting ID]..309@[IP Address] Example: 123456789..309@

     Meetings with a password:

[Meeting ID].[Password].309@[IP Address] Example: 123456789.12345.309@