Using Operation Logs in zoom App


Owners of accounts and users with customized roles have access to operation logs that are used to look at changes made by administrators to accounts, specifically changes in the Account Management, User Management, and Advanced sections. You can edit your Account and Group settings, assign new roles and licenses to users under Roles, manage subscriptions under Billing, as well as configure SSO mappings by modifying SSO and SAML mappings.

Note: Owners and admins cannot make changes to their own personal settings here.


  • Users with the role of user activities reports or the account owner
  • You are able to see account activity reports


  • Zoom is a web portal where you can sign in.
  • To access reports, click Account Management.
  • To access operation logs, click User Activity Reports.
  • Select a time range.
  • Choose a category (optional) to show only certain events.

  • Click on the Search button.
  • In addition to the time, the admin operating the operation, the action category, and details about the action will be displayed.

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