Using the attendee’s CRC license in zoom App

When the host of the meeting does not have a CRC license, attendees can use their own CRC licenses.

Prerequisites for using the attendees CRC license

when joining using a pairing code:

  • No CRC license from the host
  • A CRC license is available to the attendee as a licensed user

by joining without entering a pairing code:

  • Event ID scheduled by a host without a CRC license
  • Attendee has a CRC license and is a licensed user
  • on a device provisioned through Zoom API Connect
  • You must join the meeting using the device’s calendar or the Join a Meeting button

Meetings can be joined up to two hours before they start and up to one hour after they end.

How to join using a pairing code

  • Use your SIP/H.323 device to join the meeting.

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  • Go to on a computer or mobile device.
  • Register with Zoom.

  • Type the Meeting ID as well as the pairing code on the Splash Screen for the device.
  • Then click Connect.
  • The device has now joined the meeting. Shortly after joining, a message will appear on the computer stating that the device has been connected successfully.

How to join using the API Connector

Using the Zoom API Connector for Cisco, Polycom, or Life size, SIP/H.323 devices can join meetings on other accounts as an attendee without entering a pairing code. The calendar resource can be used either to add scheduled meetings (one-tap), or to join using the Meeting ID number.

Note: Please note that Polycom Trio devices provisioned with attendee licenses are not supported. Most Trio devices use pairing codes.

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