Want to start an online school with Zoom?

Want to start an online school with Zoom?

I’ve always talked about expanding the range of business with Zoom, but this time I would like to introduce you to an online school.


What do you imagine when you think of an online school with Zoom?

Most people can imagine a language system like an online English school.

But if you think that’s about it, you might lose it.

There was something that didn’t make sense when I said that I learned karate in a correspondence course in a funny story a long time ago.

But in this era, there is karate in correspondence courses, isn’t it?

In fact, it seems that services such as calligraphy classes at Zoom and piano schools at Zoom have already started.

It’s a past story that it’s difficult to learn how to move your body online.

Zoom makes your student’s home a school venue! !!

For example, an online piano school using Zoom.


Even if you haven’t taught anyone before, if you have a piano at home and you like playing it, it’s well worth a try.

You don’t have to invite them to your house anyway, so you can easily get started.

And it doesn’t matter where I live, so it may be more convenient in the countryside because the houses aren’t crowded.

If you speak from the student’s point of view, you can relax in the same environment as when practicing, and above all, there is a sufficient need for parents that it was difficult to pick up and drop off every time because there was no piano school nearby. There seems to be.

Unlike video lessons, you can teach in real time, so it is possible to provide personalized instruction at an online school.

With Zoom, you can switch webcams to zoom freely, and since it’s online, you can say that it doesn’t grow.

I think you can enjoy the lessons more than you first thought.

Next-generation communication system 5G will make online schools wider

It is said that if the next wireless communication standard 5G starts to move, it will be about 66 times the current communication speed.


For reference, 5G is a communication standard for mobile communication systems, that is, mobile phones, and the one that is mainstream in current smartphones is called the 4th generation (4G).

Since it is the next generation, it is called the 5th generation, that is, 5G.

The goal of achieving this is 2020, that is, the situation is just around the corner.

In that case, it is expected that the range of things that can be done online will expand more than ever, regardless of the range of wired communication, indoors or outdoors.

Isn’t it possible to still get the first-mover advantage by removing the mind block that says “Doing this online won’t work” and actually trying it?

It’s a chance to start an interesting school that makes the most of your special skills, such as such a school and such a school.

And when 5G actually goes live, it would be fun if we could lead the field as a more refined service provider.

Want to start an online school with Zoom?

However, I want to try this kind of school! !! Money is a big bottleneck only for people with a strong consciousness, isn’t it?

It usually costs a lot to start an online school.

But that’s the good thing about Zoom.

Since you can start for free, you can do a 30-minute course completely free of charge.

In other words, if you have a personal computer and an internet connection, you can put that thought into shape.


Let’s get started.

I am looking forward to the day when I can see the interesting news that there is such a school.

Also, if you have any concerns about how to use Zoom or attracting customers to Zoom, please feel free to contact us.


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