Introducing web conferencing with Zoom cloud meeting tool Function/Plan

A Zoom cloud meeting is a system that connects remote locations via the Internet and exchanges audio and video.

The main feature is that you can join the meeting from anywhere without having to gather in one meeting room.

The number of companies that are adopting cloud meetings is increasing because they can smoothly share information and reduce the cost of travel.

Here, we explain the features and functions of the popular cloud meeting tool “Zoom”.

The benefits of using cloud meetings are also summarized, so if you are considering using them, please refer to them.

What is Zoom Cloud Meeting Tool [Zoom]?

“Zoom” is a cloud meeting tool developed by a company called “Zoom Video Communications, Inc” in the United States.

Instead of purchasing a new dedicated device, you can hold a web conference through your existing PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

First, let’s take a closer look at Zoom’s features and usage plans.

Zoom features and functions

Zoom is a cloud meeting tool suitable for holding online meetings and seminars.

Many cloud meeting tools are complicated to use, for example, both the host and the participant need to have accounts.

On the other hand, Zoom can be used by only the organizer to register an account, so there is a feature that the burden on the participants is small.

Zoom also has the following features required for web conferencing.

  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Recording
  • Text chat
  • Breakout room (function to discuss in groups)

By using these functions, it is possible to share the host screen to participants and give lectures on how to operate it, or to summarize opinions in groups of several people.

Not only for web conferences and seminars, but it may also be possible to have unique uses such as enjoying drinking parties online with colleagues and friends.

Zoom pricing plans

There are two types of Zoom contracts: a license contract from the official website and a reseller (resale agent) contract. The free version limits call duration to a maximum of 40 minutes for group meetings of 3 or more people.

For business use, we recommend the paid version above the professional level.


How to hold a cloud meeting with Zoom


Now that you know the features and fees of Zoom, let’s take a look at how to set it up when you actually use Zoom.

You need a host account to use Zoom, so it is important to prepare in advance so that you do not panic.

Can I use it without registering as a member?

Zoom does not require membership to join a meeting as a client.

The required software is automatically downloaded when you open the invitation URL sent from the host, so you can start by simply installing it.

Also, with compatible browsers such as Chrome, you can join the meeting from the browser as it is just by installing the plugin.

However, some browsers have function restrictions and the quality is slightly inferior to the app, so I would like to use the Zoom app as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you are the host and open a meeting, you need to create an account and log in.

You can create an account for free, so if you give it a try before you officially purchase a license, it seems like you can start using it with confidence.

You can also create an account from the app for smartphones and tablets.

Zoom Meeting settings

When you hold a meeting, follow the procedure below.

  1. Create a new meeting
  2. Notify the target person of the invitation URL
  3. When the other person clicks the URL, it becomes a participation state

There are multiple ways to invite to a cloud meeting, but the simplest method is to notify the URL when using PCs.

You can also set a specific date and time to notify you in advance instead of an immediate meeting.

Join a Zoom meeting

To join the meeting as a client, just click on the invitation URL.

Since the software will be downloaded for the first time, it will be a flow to install and then participate.

After the second time, you can click the URL to automatically move to the meeting screen.

For smartphones and tablets, it is also very convenient to convey a 9-10 digit number called a “Meeting ID” .

When you open the app, you can enter the meeting simply by entering the meeting ID, so it may be faster and easier to tell the numbers via SMS or chat than the host emails the URL.

When you hold a cloud meeting, you need a camera to show your face, a microphone that delivers voice, and a speaker that receives the voice of the other party.

Most laptops, smartphones, and tablets are built-in, so you can use it only with a device.

Please note that you will need to prepare a separate device for a desktop PC.

Benefits of utilizing web conferencing


What are the benefits of conducting web conferences and seminars using cloud meeting tools?

Finally, I will explain the benefits of introducing cloud meetings.

Smooth information sharing

With the cloud meeting tool, you can easily start a meeting anytime, anywhere.

Zoom is equipped with high-quality and stable video call functions, and it is also a feature that you can proceed as if you are in a face-to-face meeting.

In addition, you can also text chat and write on the screen, so communication will be smooth.

Emotions that are difficult to convey by email or phone can be easily conveyed with the cloud meeting tool.

It is also recommended as a tool for communicating with remote work and employees working from home.

Cost reduction such as transportation expenses

The cloud meeting tool can be used from anywhere with an internet environment.

You don’t have to bother in the meeting room to join the meeting from your desk or at home.

When you have a meeting with a distant business partner or branch office, you can save the cost of moving because you can save the trouble of gathering at one of them each time.

In addition to being able to cut transportation costs and business trip expenses, you can expect to improve work efficiency because the time spent moving can be allocated to other work.

In addition, because materials and other materials can be shared as data, you can cut the printing costs as well.

The cost of deploying cloud meeting tools, such as licensing costs, is a bit expensive, but it’s a good deal in the long run.


  • Zoom is one of the cloud meeting tools that enables web conferencing from a PC or smartphone.
  • The feature is that you can easily hold a meeting without having to register as a client.
  • Cloud meeting tools have advantages such as smooth communication and cost reduction

Zoom is a cloud meeting tool with high functionality and a simple UI that is easy to use even for those who are worried about operating IT tools.

Security measures are also solid, so if you are planning to introduce it, please consider using Zoom.


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