Webex App | Meeting capabilities and meeting sponsors

Using the Webex App you will ensure that all meetings in your meeting space will have the same capabilities and that all attendees will be able to schedule and start meetings in that meeting space, even if only one person is in the meeting space.

In a space, we have enhanced the way meetings are conducted. I understand that some of you are still experiencing the classic experience. It is only applicable to classic meetings that are associated with a given space in this article.

As of yet, Webex for Government does not support enhanced meetings associated with a space.

Depending on who created the space, there will be different meeting capabilities available:

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  • The Webex App meetings associated with a space will have full meeting capabilities if you have a Webex Meetings account and create a space, or are in a space created by someone who is a member of a paid Webex Meetings account.

  • Your Webex App meeting that is associated with a space will have limited meeting capabilities if you don’t have a paid Meetings account and don’t create a space.

When you click the Schedule button in the space that is associated with the Webex App meeting, you will be able to confirm what capabilities your meeting has.

As shown in the table below, our Webex App meetings that are associated with a location differ from those that are not.

Full Team Meeting CapabilitiesLimited Team Meeting Capabilities
Meeting sponsorYesNo
People in spaceSponsors of meetings have an account with Meetings as hosts

There is no meeting host account associated with the space creator
Meeting sizeDepending on the Meetings account of the sponsor of the meeting, up to 200 guests are allowedUsing a free Webex App account can save you $25

Space creators with paid Webex Calling and Webex App accounts will receive 100
Phone audio optionsAvailableNot available
Guest meeting accessAvailableNot available
RecordingAvailableNot available
Meeting links and video addresses for meetings in the spacewebex.comciscospark.com

Full team meeting capabilities

The Meetings host license on your Webex account allows you to sponsor meeting spaces, whether they are for one person or for three or more people.

As soon as you create an account for a space with three or more people, that account allows the same meeting capabilities to be available for all meetings in the space, regardless of whether the meeting is scheduled by another space member or if you attend the meeting yourself. The meeting sponsor is the person who has paid a meetings account and the other person does not have a paid meetings account, in the event that there are only two people in the room: you and the other person. The following team meeting capabilities are available to those spaces that have a meeting sponsor:

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  • Meeting sizeA meeting can have a maximum of a certain number of attendees. A message displays when you click the Schedule Button in the space, which tells you the number of people who can join the meeting from that particular space. It is possible for the meeting size to be different from the number of attendees in the space as well. The number of people who can attend a meeting can be found in our article The number of people who can attend a meeting.

  • Recording—It is important to know if you can record the meeting and if your account or Webex site has enough storage for the recording. There is the option of recording the meeting that can be enabled in the space, which in turn will automatically create a link to the recording in the Webex App space once the meeting has ended. You can learn more about recording a meeting in the cloud by visiting Record a meeting in the cloud.

  • Phone audio optionsIn terms of phone audio options, you will want to know whether you have them available, as well as which ones, such as Call In and Call Me, you have.

  • Guest meeting access—Is it possible for guests without a Webex account to join the meeting if they do not have a Webex account? There is no restriction as to how many people can participate in a meeting that you schedule with only one other person. More information about joining webex meetings for the first time as a guest can be found in our Help Center.

  • Meeting Sponsor

    In the Webex App for Windows and Mac, if you choose the information icon and subsequently choose Meeting capabilities, you will be able to see who is the sponsor for this meeting. During the registration process, you will be able to find out more about the meeting sponsor.

    • Meeting Sponsor Leaves

      The Webex App will automatically assign the meeting sponsor role to another member of the room if the meeting sponsor leaves a meeting space with three or more people. It is Webex App’s policy to assign a new meeting sponsor to someone who is in the same organization as the person who originally created the meeting space as well as having the same type of account as the person who created the original meeting space. Members of the space are automatically assigned the role of meeting sponsor every time they schedule a meeting from the space, ensuring that they have a consistent meeting experience every time they schedule a meeting.

    • Meeting sponsor Upgrades Account

      There are several things that you need to know about meeting sponsors when their accounts are updated with new meeting capabilities, and these capabilities are then applied automatically to any spaces with 3 or more people. In any case, a paid account holder is entitled to share a space with one other person in the same space. A new meeting can be scheduled from that space, and any existing meetings will be updated with the new capabilities.

     There is no relationship between the role of a moderator and that of a meeting sponsor. Only if a moderator created the space or team where the meeting will be held is the moderator the meeting sponsor.

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Limited team meeting capabilities

Whenever a meeting is scheduled in an unsponsored space, the meeting has limited functionality. The information menu in one of the spaces will tell you that there is no sponsor for the meeting, if you choose Meeting capabilities from the information menu in one of these spaces.

  • Meeting Size

    Depending on the account types of the members of a space who have been invited to meet, the size of the meeting in a space that was created by someone without a Meetings account will be determined:

    • All users within a space must have a free Webex account in order to join the meeting. Only 25 participants are allowed to attend.

    • The creator of the space can invite up to 100 participants if he or she is using Webex Calling or having a Webex account that is paid.

    Whenever you click Schedule from a space, you will be prompted with a message informing you how many people can join the meeting from that particular space.

  • Space Creator Leaves

    It is automatic that a new space creator role will be assigned to the space or organization if the original creator of the space leaves the organization or space. A new space creator will automatically be able to update meeting information and capabilities based on the type of account they have.

  • Space Creator Upgrades Account

    The person who created the space will automatically become the meeting sponsor for the space, which means that the meeting capabilities of the space will be automatically improved according to the meeting sponsor’s account, if the person who created the space originally upgraded from a free to a Meetings host account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capabilities of Webex?

From small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprise companies, Cisco Webex Meetings provides a robust range of offerings for web conferencing. In all plans, you are able to view HD video, share screen, share applications, record and store recordings in the cloud, as well as a whole lot more. With this product, you will be able to get started quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of Webex meeting?

Using Webex Meetings is a great way to connect with clients from anywhere, to include video, and to schedule easily. There is nothing like it on the market. It has been a long time since I have used Webex as a technical trainer in a classroom setting. In addition to having easy-to-use polling tools, breakout rooms, easy sharing, it is also able to record audio, which is one of the most important things here.

What is the capacity for a Webex meeting?

When the host of your meeting has a free account, you are able to have up to 100 attendees attend your meeting. It is possible to invite up to 200 people to a Webex meeting where the host has a subscription to Webex Calling, Webex App, or Webex Meetings. In the app, you will be able to see how many people will be able to attend a meeting as soon as you schedule it or start it.

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What is Webex app used for?

An application called WebEx enables users to participate in both video and audio conferences from their desktop. The WebEx mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry allows you to hold meetings with anyone, anywhere, in real time, regardless of where you are from, as long as you have Internet access on your computer or have the WebEx mobile application installed on your phone.

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What is the difference between Webex and Webex Meetings?

Webex Meetings offer the option to connect audio through Call Me, whereas Webex Teams do not allow the use of Call Me. Unlike Webex Meetings, Webex Teams allows you to store files and documents, while you cannot do that with Webex Meetings. Using Webex Meetings, you can have ad-hoc meetings, just by sharing a link and using Meet Now.

What equipment is needed for a Webex meeting?

Online meetings require the use of a microphone in order to be successful. In this case, headphones can be a good option in terms of preventing feedback caused by the speakers, preventing others from being distracted, and offering high-quality audio quality through the microphone. If you are using headphones or earbuds, you should use them. There is a risk of external speakers causing feedback and distracting those around you.

All images and contents credit goes to help.webex.com

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