Webex App migration from teams.webex.com to web.webex.com

We are migrating the Webex App for the web from team.webex.com to web.webex.com. In the future, we will continue to invest in the web.webex.com product, adding features and fixing bugs as we go forward.

At web.webex.com, there is now a new Webex App for the web, and it has been available for quite some time. It is currently working without any issues.

It has been running simultaneously with the new Webex app on teams.webex.com since mid-February 2022, when the old app will be switched off when the new one takes its place.

Will I need a new Webex account?

No. Using the same web.webex.com account as you used when you used teams.webex.com will allow you to use web.webex.com as well.

I have been emailed meeting join links. Will they still work?

Yes. You will be taken to the correct meeting if you click any of the join links.

What happens if I continue to go to the old client?

We will direct all traffic to the web.webex.com domain.

I have bookmarked the URL of my favorite space in my browser. Can I still use this URL?

In the case that you would like to continue using the URL, but instead of taking you to the specific bookmark space, it will take you to the home page of web.webex.com.

Does it work with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

No. Since October 5th, Microsoft Internet Explorer has no longer been supported on the old Webex App for web client. Only the last two major releases of Microsoft Edge are supported by Webex App | What’s New.

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It is not possible to use the Webex App in Microsoft Internet Explorer with the new Webex Client for clients.