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To schedule a webinar with registration, your registrants must fill out a short form before they get the link for joining your webinar. This enables you to gather registrants’ names, email addresses, and other information. You may opt to approve automatically everyone who registers or authorizes participants manually.

Once you’ve scheduled a webinar with registration, you can:

  • Once a webinar with a registration has been scheduled, you can: 
  • Registers of import through CSV
  • Collect more details by customizing your registering queries
  • Edit the webinar e-mails and choose which e-mails you want to send.
  • Customize the registration page
  • Use several URLs to trace the origin of your registrants
  • Manage registrations and resend emails of confirmation


  • If you do not want registrant information collection, you may schedule a webinar without registration.
  • If you schedule a recurring webinar using the registration page, updating the recurring webinar will lead to losing registration data.


Scheduling a webinar with registration

  1. tried to sign up up for the online portal Zoom.
  2. Click Webinars in the navigation menu.
  3. A list of scheduled webinars is shown.
  4. Choose Schedule of a Webinar.
  5. Then choose the webinar settings you want.
  6. To demand registration, choose the Registration option. If you need registration and a webinar is a repeat event, select one of the following options:
  • Participants register once and may take part in any event: All occurrences may be attended by registrants. All dates and hours of the webinar are mentioned and the registrant is enrolled for all events.
  • Participants must register for each event to attend: For each event, registrants must register individually. Only one day and time may be selected on the registration page.
  • Participants register once and may select one or more events: Once registered, registrants may choose one or more events to attend. You will need to choose the days and times to attend, and only for those occurrences will you be enrolled. You may select many alternatives.
  • Note: If you scheduled a recurring webinar with the registration you would have to lose registration information by modifying the recurring webinar.
  1. Click on the option Schedule.


  • If you wish to change your webinar to a meeting, after the scheduling, click Convert this webinar to a conference underneath the Webinar options section. Options such as Q&A, questions from multiple answers, e-mail settings from webinars, surveys, and registration reports are removed.
  • If you additionally need authentication to attend your webinar, you must register using an email linked to an active Zoom account. This must be done before you can finish your registration. If you choose Zoom Sign in, you can’t add domains that are listed in the domain block list.

Setting registration approval

You want to make sure that your registration approval settings are adjusted to your requirements before you send out the link to your registration page. Below is the manual or automated approval, but there are many more choices, such as extra questions, registration limits, email settings, etc. to set up registration.

Automatic approval

  1. Now scheduled for your webinar. To see the registration choices in the Invite participants, scroll down to the bottom of the webinar details page.
  2. Approve or manually approve will be shown automatically next to approval.
  3. If it lists Approve manually, right-click Edit.
  4. Select Automatically approve on the Registration tab.
  5. Click Save All. Save All.
  6. Copy the URL for registration or the invitation to share with your participants.

Manual approval

  1. Now scheduled for your webinar. To see the registration choices in the Invite participants, scroll down to the bottom of the webinar details page.
  2. It will automatically display Approve or Manually Approve next to Approval. Click Edit on the right side if it lists Approve manually.
  3. In the Registration tab, choose Approve Manually.
  4. Click Save All. Save All.
  5. You may copy the registration URL or invite your participants to share it.
  6. Return to your webinar page once a participant has registered.
  7. To see the information, click on the webinar name.
  8. To the right of Manage Attendees, choose Edit.
  9. Choose the user(s) you would want to approve and/or reject. To accept or reject simultaneously, you may choose several registrations. If accepted, an email with instructions on how to attend the webinar will be sent.

Customizing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links

To modify the URLs of your service terms and privacy policy links, you may utilize your account profile. These connections appear in the form below.


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