Webinars explain why they are used for seminars and online salon distribution

Video plays an increasing role on platforms such as SNS.

It is said that videos have about 5,000 times the amount of information compared to content consisting only of photos and text, and it is an excellent communication method that can convey a lot of information to users in a short time.

Among such video contents, web seminars and online salons are now being widely used in the business scene.

The webinar tool is recommended to use when conducting web seminars and online salons.

In this article, I will explain what a webinar is and how it can be used.

What is Webinar

What does webinar mean in the first place?

Webinar’s etymology is a coined word created by combining the Web and seminars.

Webinars and webinars.

It is also called a web seminar, online seminar, or internet seminar.

What are the webinar delivery methods?

There are two types of webinars, live delivery and recorded delivery, each with its own features and advantages.

Live and recorded distribution

We have summarized the features and benefits of each.

 Live distributionRecording delivery
Delivery timingPerform at a predetermined date and timeDelivery date can be any time
situationNews, live broadcasts, discussions with panelists, live sales, etc.Learning contents such as manual explanation and education
meritEnables live feeling and interactive communication with usersFree viewing such as fast-forward and pause
DemeritYou cannot fast forward or pause. Need to respond to unexpected accidentsEditing is required. Communication with users is only comments and emails

In this way, it is better to use live distribution and recording distribution depending on the purpose and situation.

More recently, there are also hybrid distribution methods that combine these two distribution methods, and pseudo live distribution methods.

This is a method in which the lecture part of the seminar is delivered by pre-recording it, and then the Q&A and discussion part is delivered live.

Pseudo live distribution means that the video itself is recorded, but the communication part such as chat is performed live.

The difference between these two is the difference between recording and live in two stages or simultaneously.

Compare traditional venue-based seminars and webinars

After getting to know what a webinar is, let’s compare conventional seminars and webinars in this section to talk about how a webinar excels and what its benefits are.

Comparison of venue type and webinar

 Venue typeWebinar
Holding methodGather people at conference rooms and lecture hallsPerform on the Internet using webinar tools
costVenue expenses, personnel expenses, expenses such as invitationsWebinar usage fee only
PreparationChairs, tables, recording equipment, operating resources, etc.It can be delivered from home or in the car without any special preparation. You can also record on the tool
Attracting customersAttracting customers while considering the capacity of the venue. Must be done multiple times due to geographical restrictionsSince there are no restrictions on the number of people or geography, there is a high degree of freedom in attracting customers. Attract customers only once

In this way, the webinar has many advantages over the conventional venue type.

In addition, Zoom webinars and other apps for smartphones and tablets are also available so that you can hold and participate in web seminars and online salons regardless of location or environment.

Merit on distribution (host) side and participant side

So what are the benefits of hosting (host) and attending the webinar? The possible ones are:

What are the benefits of the delivery (host) side?

  • Can deliver more information to more people than ever before
  • Can attract and deliver customers without cost
  • Easy to understand by screen sharing function and document sharing function
  • Easy to meet user needs, such as being able to answer questions on the spot

After all, when conducting webinars and online salons using webinar tools, it will be able to handle overwhelmingly large amounts of information compared to communicating only photos and sentences on SNS.

In addition, distribution can be done easily with only one person and a smartphone or tablet, so there is less need to make preparation periods and initial investment.

Webinar tools such as Zoom also have a screen sharing feature.

The screen sharing function allows participants to share the desktop screen or smartphone screen of the image or image they want to show to the participants.

This makes it possible to explain easily by sharing slides such as screens and data during the explanation.

You can easily share materials by using cloud storage such as Box. As a result, it is no longer necessary to print and distribute the materials in advance.

In addition, being able to receive questions and have discussions in real time is a merit that only a webinar can have.

What are the benefits for participants

On the contrary, what are the benefits of the participants?

  • You can participate without being bound by time or place
  • Feel free to join and leave
  • You can easily participate because you can immediately understand what the seminar content and the host, panelists, and teachers are like

Of course, it can be said that it is a merit that the participants can participate without worrying about time and venue location.

Until now, for example, people living in Tokyo used to spend time and travel costs to attend seminars at Osaka venues.

But a webinar is easy to join no matter where you live in Japan.

In addition, at conventional venue-type seminars, it was difficult to participate and leave because it bothered the eyes of others and bother other participants. You can do it (Of course, you need to be considerate and respectful of the host)

In addition, until now, the first time I attended a seminar, it was impossible to determine the atmosphere of the venue and who the organizers, panelists, and lecturers were without participating.

However, if it is an online salon or web seminar using a webinar, you can immediately check if the recorded data in the past has been delivered.

As a result, it’s easy to take part in with the mindset of “Let’s take a look because there is a seminar that interests me”, and it is easy to invite friends to participate.

What are the usage scenes and examples

Finally, let’s introduce the recommended usage scenes and examples when you got to know the goodness of the webinar.

  • Webinar usage scenes and examples are as follows.
  • Introduce products and services to new customers
  • As an online salon tool
  • A seminar to explain to existing users how to use products and services
  • Use as an educational tool for the company
  • As a briefing session for recruitment
  • As a consultation tool to the outside

In this way, the webinars are used not only for seminars but also for marketing in various situations.

Keep an eye on the webinars that will be increasingly used.


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