What are the benefits of remote conferencing with Zoom? Compare the features of Web/TV/conference

Recently, an increasing number of companies have introduced a remote conference system and hold a conference over the screen.

Remote conferencing tools include web conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, and teleconference systems.

Perhaps some people may not fully understand the characteristics and differences of each.

This section describes the differences between the types of systems used for remote conferencing and the advantages of introducing remote conferencing.

We also introduced the function of “Zoom,” a recommended tool for remote meetings.

While comparing the functions and mechanisms, please consider a system that is compatible with the company.


Features and differences of the remote conference system

A remote conference is a mechanism to hold a conference online using a telephone line or an internet line.

There are various types of remote conferences, such as those that use a personal computer or smartphone or those that connect with a dedicated device.

First, let’s compare and compare the Web, TV, and telephone conference systems used as a means for remote conferences.


Web conference

Web conferencing system is a service that can be used by downloading dedicated software and applications to existing PCs and smartphones.

Many services require accounts for both the host and the client, but recently, services that can be used by registering only the host have appeared.

Since it is not necessary to purchase a dedicated device, the feature is that it can be introduced easily without the initial investment.

In many cases, a laptop computer is already equipped with a webcam and microphone, so you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Web conferencing is roughly divided into two types: “on-premise type” that uses a system dedicated to the company, and “cloud type” that uses the web conferencing service.

Currently, web conferencing services are becoming more popular, and more and more companies are introducing cloud-based web conferencing.


Video conference

The video conference system is a service that enables remote conferences by installing dedicated equipment in the conference room.

Since dedicated equipment is required at each site, the cost of installation and maintenance will be high, but the feature is that the quality of audio and video is also high.

Web conferences go through each terminal, so it is suitable for relatively small meetings between individuals, such as 1:1:1.

On the other hand, video conferencing is performed on a monitor installed in the conference room, so it can be said that it is a suitable tool for large-scale conferences with many to many.

Conference call

The telephone conference system is a service that can be used by making a call to a designated access point (telephone number).

It becomes a mechanism to enter a virtual conference room created by the telephone conference service.

In the case of 1 to 1, there is no problem with the normal call function, but this is recommended when holding a conference with 3 or more people.

For example, when conducting a meeting on a laptop computer or tablet, a Wi-Fi environment is essential.

On the other hand, in the case of a telephone conference, the feature is that you can participate in the conference in any place where the radio wave of the mobile phone can enter.

You can’t make a video call like you can in a web conference or a video conference, but it’s still used as a place-free meeting method.


Benefits of introducing remote conferencing

Now that we know the differences between the systems used for remote conferencing, let’s look at the benefits of introducing remote conferencing.

Also, remote meetings have their disadvantages, so please consider whether to introduce them based on both sides.


Hold meetings anywhere

One of the advantages of remote conferencing is that you can hold a meeting outside a specific place such as a conference room.

Especially for web conferences and conference calls, you can start a conference anywhere you can communicate.

It can be said that it is a great merit that you can save the trouble of going to the head office or traveling to a distant supplier for each meeting.

Also, in the case of video conference, it is necessary to move a little such as gathering in the conference room, but it is not necessary to go back and forth between the head office and the branch office.

The time that was previously lost in travel time can be assigned to other tasks, which will lead to more efficient operations.


Cost reduction such as transportation expenses

With the introduction of remote meetings, there is no need to move between head office and branch offices or to travel to distant business partners.

In other words, you can cut the transportation costs and travel expenses for those movements.

In addition, since the materials prepared for the number of people can be completed with one data, printing costs can be cut.

Although there is some cost to introduce a system, there are many cases where the benefits will be large from a long-term perspective.


Easy to communicate

With remote conferencing tools, you also have the advantage of being able to start a meeting when you think of it.

In web conferences and video conferences, you can talk while watching each other’s facial expressions like a video call, so you can proceed as if you were in a face-to-face meeting.

It will be easier to understand than email, and it will be easier to meet than face to face, so smooth communication will be possible.


The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by the surrounding environment

Since the remote conference uses the internet line or telephone line, communication may become unstable in places where the signal is weak.

In some cases, the quality of the sound and image quality may deteriorate depending on the performance of the microphone or speaker.

When introducing a remote conference, it is necessary to adjust the equipment and environment to meet the required standard.

It is also necessary to take security measures so that the contents of the meeting will not be leaked to the outside.

Be careful when selecting products, such as using services that have security measures in place.


Recommended Web conference tool [Zoom] functions

Finally, we will introduce the features of “Zoom,” a recommended service for online meetings.

Zoom has a wide range of licenses from the free version that can be used for personal use to the paid version recommended for business scenes.

Below is a list of the features available in Zoom.

  • Recording of meeting contents
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Text chat
  • Breakout room (grouping of members)
  • Cooperation with external services

Zoom has good security measures, so companies that are planning to introduce it should definitely consider using Zoom.



  • There are various methods such as Web, TV (video), and telephone for the remote conference.
  • By introducing a remote conference, there are advantages such as time reduction and cost reduction.
  • We recommend “Zoom” with abundant functions and security measures.

Remote conferencing is a great advantage for both the party holding the meeting and the party participating.

You can expect the effect of facilitating communication within the company, so why not consider using this opportunity to implement it?


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