What can Zoom participants do? I will explain how to use it!

In using Zoom, I will introduce how to use Zoom to those who are not the organizer = participants.

I say how to use it, but the only thing participants can do is adjust the volume, right?

Don’t you think that way? Sure, you can join Zoom if you know that much. But … it’s a waste!

As mentioned earlier, Zoom is a web conferencing system with many useful features for organizers.

However, Zoom is a tool that also has great benefits for participants. If you know how to use Zoom as a participant, you will not want to participate in webinars and workshops unless you are Zoom! How captivating you are!

Zoom is not a hassle for participants!

Zoom is a web conferencing system that originated in the United States. The ability to talk while looking at the other person’s face is one of the video conferencing systems.

Skype comes to mind as a system of this kind that is famous in Japan. I’ve been using Skype so far, what’s the difference? Many people will have the question.

Please refer to this article for more details on that question.

This time, I will introduce the reasons why it is useful for the participants. The reason Zoom is more useful than Skype is that you don’t have to register for an account.

Since Skype requires both the organizer and participants to have an account, it was necessary to create an account if you wanted to attend Skype seminars and workshops.

To be honest, have you ever thought “it’s a hassle”? I thought (laughs)

Zoom doesn’t have this kind of complexity in counting registration. The convenience of just accessing the place prepared by the organizer is the reason why Zoom is convenient for participants.

Preparing to use Zoom as a participant

Here are some things to prepare for using Zoom. Let’s prepare well.

Get your camera, microphone and speakers ready

To use Zoom, you need a webcam, a microphone, and a speaker. If you don’t speak at the seminars or workshops you attend, you don’t need a microphone.

If you’re wondering what to choose, this article goes into more detail about the device, so check it out.

How to use Zoom as a participant

Once you have the equipment, it’s time to use Zoom. Let’s check it carefully.

Get information for participation from the organizer

Once you have the equipment, all you have to do is master how to join Zoom. If you are the organizer, you need to register an account from here, but participants do not need to do anything like that.

So how do you use Zoom? The answer is easy. Just ask the organizer for the URL to join Zoom!

eh? that’s all! ?? You may be surprised, but that’s really it. This is why it is said to be easy with little burden on the participants.

When you click the URL provided by the organizer, the screen below will be displayed. Zoom is now installed on your computer.



There is one caveat here. If you have specified a time zone to access this URL, be sure to access that time.

You may also be notified of the meeting ID instead of the URL. In that case, you need to access it from the official Zoom website.

First, access the official Zoom website and click “Join Meeting” at the top right of the screen.

You can also choose to have a video or not, but choose the one you like.


Please access the official website from here.



Then, to move to the ID input screen, enter the ID given by the organizer and click the “Join” button below. You can now access the dedicated Zoom page specified by the organizer.

Please note that you cannot use Zoom even if you access it after hours.

What you can do after accessing Zoom

Once you have access to Zoom, you can test your camera, microphone, and speakers before you actually join Zoom.

Let’s test not only those who are new to us, but also those who have replaced the equipment they have been using with new ones. If you can’t hear or speak after the beginning, not only will you be left behind at seminars and seminars, but you may also hinder your progress.

It is good manners as a participant to face with a perfect system. Please always keep in mind.

change name

When you access Zoom, the terminal name of your computer (something like “PC of XX”) is displayed at first.

It may be inconvenient as it is. In such a case, let’s change the name. When you access Zoom, you will see a screen like this. (When the camera function is turned on, you are projected)

If you right-click here, the option “Rename” will appear, so click it.


Then, a screen where you can change the name is displayed.


Enter your favorite name here. Then click “OK” and you’re done.


Don! !! I was able to change it firmly. This way you can change the name quickly.

* If you want to completely erase the name from the beginning, please refer to this article.

Chat function

Zoom not only allows you to talk through the microphone, but also has a chat function. If you don’t understand the word chat, you can think of it as an email.

There is a “chat” at the bottom of the screen while using Zoom, so click on it.


Then, a screen like this will appear, through which you will be able to communicate with the organizer in text.

Communication between participants may not be available depending on the settings of the organizer. Also, by default, the interaction between you and the organizer is invisible to other participants.

Regarding this as well, there are sales that are set to be open to the public by the organizer, so it is good to check in advance.


This time, I introduced how to use Zoom from the perspective of the participants. I’m going to attend a briefing session using Zoom, but how should I use it? I think it helped to solve the question.


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