What happens if I’m invited to a Zoom breakout session but don’t attend?

At the organizer seminar yesterday, I had a sharp question!
What happens if I’m invited to a breakout session and select the “later” button instead of the “join” button?
If I set it to “later”, will I be able to participate later?
You will be anxious.


When the host initiates a breakout session, participants will see two buttons, Join and Later.

Normally you would click the Join button, but you may still want to talk to the host and select “Later”.

But if I select “later”, will I be able to join later, or will I not be able to join the breakout session unless the host invites me again?

It’s a little worrisome.


Click Later to see the Breakout Session button.

By clicking on this, you can join the breakout session at any time you like.

The breakout session practice session for Zoom organizer seminar participants will start at 9 pm on December 18th.

All participants take turns hosting, launching breakout sessions on their own, changing members, and moving rooms.

A breakout session that is not so difficult to operate, but difficult to practice.

Let’s practice together.



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