What is a Zoom private meeting in Zoom

Zoom has a personal meeting ID.
In response to this, what is a “personal meeting”? I have been asked several times, so I will explain it briefly.


Use the meeting ID when you have a meeting in Zoom.

It’s the room number of the so-called conference room.

This meeting ID includes a personal meeting ID (PMI) and an instant meeting ID given to each person who has an account.

This personal meeting ID is also called the personal meeting ID.

This does not mean the ID used for personal meetings .

It means a personal meeting ID .

It ‘s complicated because it’s made up of three words, “individual,” “meeting,” and “ID .”

In other words, there is no such thing as a personal meeting.

There are two types of meeting IDs: personal meeting IDs and instant meeting IDs.

How are these two meeting IDs different, how to use them properly, and in fact, there is another convenient way to create a meeting ID …

We will take a closer look at such a story at the Zoom organizer seminar.


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