What is the difference between full screen display and window maximization?

For example, when explaining how to use a personal computer with Zoom, even students may want to operate their own personal computers.
But isn’t Zoom filling the screen and you can’t see your desktop screen?

Knowing the difference between full screen and window maximization will solve the problem.


First of all, the full-screen display of Zoom looks like this.

To display in full screen, click ” Start full-screen display ” at the top right of the window.

To cancel the full-screen display, click the ” End full-screen display ” at the top right of the window.

You can also start/end the full-screen display with the shortcut keys on the keyboard.

On Windows, use ” Alt + F “.

For Mac, it is ” Command (⌘) + Shift + F “.

You can use the ” Esc ” key only to cancel the full-screen display.


By the way, the screen is still covered with Zoom even though the full-screen display should have been canceled.

But you can see the icons in the start menu and taskbar.

This is the state where the window is maximized.

Click the icon pointed to by the arrow in the upper right to cancel the maximization.

When maximized, you can resize the window by clicking the edge of the window with the mouse and dragging it as it is.

Well, this is a rudimentary computer operation that has nothing to do with Zoom functions.



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