What is the difference between Zoom and Skype? ??

What’s the difference between Zoom and Skype?

Sure, if you think of Zoom as “using the Web to talk while looking at the face of someone in a remote location,” you can do the same with Skype.

“It’s the same if you think that Zoom can talk on Skype net.”

It’s no wonder some people think so. In fact, both have call, chat, and data sharing capabilities.

But why is Zoom a useful tool for seminars and consulting? This article answers that question.

What’s the difference between Zoom and Skype

The table below compares the differences between using Zoom and Skype.


There are 7 major differences. These differences will be explained below.

Difference in account creation

From the user’s point of view, the low hurdle for participation is a major point of Zoom. While Skype has many items to prepare, such as creating an account and exchanging contacts, Zoom only sends the URL.

If you make the participants feel troublesome, it will lead to a decrease in the number of customers, and it may lead to a negative chain. The advantage of Zoom is that it is less burdensome for participants. It’s an important point in business.

Preparations such as installation

To use both Zoom and Skype, you need to install the software. For Skype, you also need to install it yourself and then create an account.

On the other hand, Zoom can be installed by simply accessing the URL from the organizer, and there is no need to create an account. This is also advantageous because the burden on the participants is small.

Procedure for making a call

For Skype, you need to know the contact information of the other person, so some prior interaction is required. Moreover, even if you search, the other party’s account does not appear, or on the contrary, the other party cannot find your own account.

I used to take an hour to find the account of the person I was trying to call …

This is the hardest part of using Skype.

On the other hand, Zoom can make calls as long as you have your own account. Just send the URL of your talk room to the person you want to call and wait for the person to access it.

Data capacity required for use

For seminars and consulting, stable connection and screen sharing are important. The amount of data required for calls with Zoom is up to about 1/10 of that of Skype, and the burden on the line is overwhelmingly reduced.

Considering the amount of data that can be used at one time, it is understandable that Zoom is stable even on lines such as smartphones and tablets.

Number of people who can talk at one time

In the case of Skype, the number of people who can make calls at one time is 25, while in Zoom, even a free account (Basic) can make up to 100 people at the same time. I’m glad that it supports simultaneous calls with a large number of people.

If you’re talking to a lot of people online at once, 25 people may find it a little unsatisfactory, especially if you’re a popular seminar instructor. In that respect, Zoom can handle a large number of people, and it also has a full range of dedicated functions for large-group seminars, so it seems to be more suitable for large-group calls.

Screen sharing

Both Skype and Zoom have the ability to share screens. There is no problem if all users participate on a PC, but if smartphone or tablet terminal users are included here, the story is different.

In Skype, screen sharing is enabled only for PC users, and screen sharing is not possible on smartphones and tablet devices.

However, Zoom does support screen sharing on any device. This feature is one of Zoom’s strengths, as some younger generations do not have a computer and use the Internet only on their smartphones and tablets.

Call recording

In the case of Skype, you need to prepare other recording software to record the call. Skype itself doesn’t have a recording function.

On the other hand, Zoom has a recording function that allows you to record a call with the touch of a button. It is an excellent product that can be recorded at the same time. Some people want to record meetings and seminars, so I think it’s a nice feature for those people.

Why is there such a difference between Skype and Zoom? ??

The reason for this difference between Skype and Zoom is the difference in their creation concepts.

For Skype, the concept is a videophone. Even though it is a call on the Internet, you can see the functions that are basically based on the concept of a phone.

If you think of your account as a phone number, it’s understandable that you can’t contact without knowing it.

Zoom is designed for meetings and seminars, so you don’t need to know the contact information of the person.

I think you can see the act of sending a URL as an invitation to attend a meeting or a certificate of participation in a seminar.

Summary of differences between Zoom and Skype

As you can see, due to the difference in concept between Skype and Zoom, even if they have similar functions, there are differences in ease of use and convenience.

That doesn’t mean Skype isn’t bad at all. However, if you are holding a meeting or seminar, the convenience of Zoom is as introduced earlier.

If you have been using Skype before, why not take this opportunity to use Zoom? You will be able to achieve higher quality conferences and seminars!


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