What is the limit for simultaneous users of videoconferencing apps?

There is a wide range of applications for making a video call: from Discord to Zoom. However, not everyone can join the work team or the entire school group in a video call. Find out what the limit of simultaneous users in videoconferencing apps is.

  • 14 apps to make a video call


Limit users to videoconferencing apps

Videoconferencing apps Free plan user limit Limit users on the paid plan Can you make video calls on your computer?
Whatsapp 4 people No paid plan Not
Instagram 6 peoples No paid plan Not
Facebook Messenger 50 people No paid plan Yes
FaceTime 32 people No paid plan Yes
Google Duo 12 people No paid plan Yes
Google Hangouts (personal accounts) 10 people No paid plan Yes
Google Meet (G Suite) No free plan 250 people Yes
Skype 50 people No paid plan Yes
zoom 100 (for up to 40 minutes) 1,000 people Yes
Cisco WebEx No free plan 1,000 people Yes
Discord 10 people (50 for the Go Live stream ) Does not increase Yes
Snapchat 15 people No paid plan Not
WeChat 9 people No paid plan Yes
JusTalk 50 people Does not increase Not
IMO Does not specify Does not specify Not
Viber 1 to 1 No paid plan Not
Slack 1 to 1 15 people Yes
Microsoft Teams 250 people Does not increase Yes
Houseparty 8 people No paid plan Yes
Line 4 people No paid plan Not

Meeting or Event?

There are two types of conferences that can be done online.

  • The meetings are those where everyone speaks. Then you can gather 50 or 200 people, everyone will have the microphone available to participate at any time;
  • At events, it may happen that more than one person is speaking, but normally the other participants are just spectators. It’s like a private live broadcast. It can be used to do training in a company or an online class.

What platforms does the event tool have?

  • Zoom (up to 10,000 participants)
  • G Suite Enterprise Google Meet (up to 100,000 people)
  • In Event Virtual Lobby (up to 100,000)
  • Cisco WebEx Events (up to 3,000).

Event or live broadcast?

Events are private, only invited people can participate and watch the content or interact with the other participants. Already a live transmission (live) made by YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Instagram is released for anyone to find, there is no way to block or make it private that anyone else sees.

Not to mention that the applications of events or video calls offer tools for presentation or interaction with viewers, facilitating the dynamics.


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