What is the recommended webcam for Zoom? Summary of how to select and set each scene

Recently, it has become commonplace to hold web conferences using tools such as Zoom.

Unlike emails, you can talk while looking at the other party’s face on the screen, so you can proceed as if you were in a face-to-face meeting.

Therefore, the performance of the webcam is important.

When you have a meeting with a large number of people or when you want to display small documents on the camera, you need to consider the viewing angle and image quality of the webcam.

This section summarizes how to select a webcam and usage scenes when using Zoom.

If you are thinking of introducing a webcam into your Zoom conference, please refer to it.

What kind of webcam can be used with Zoom?

Web cameras are cameras that can connect to the Internet and deliver and transfer video in real-time.

First, let’s take a closer look at the mechanism of the webcam and the need for a webcam to use Zoom.

How the webcam works

Web cameras are used for crime prevention, including video conferencing and video distribution.

Since it is connected to the Internet through the software included in the computer, it does not work by itself.

When using it, it is necessary to connect it to a computer with a USB cable and turn on the power of the computer.

A “network camera” is a camera that is often confused with a webcam.

The feature here is that you can directly connect to the Internet or transfer to a recorder without a device such as a PC.

Be careful not to make a mistake because it is different in character from a webcam.

Can I use the camera attached to my computer or smartphone?

Most laptops sold today come with a webcam from the beginning.

Also, smartphones and tablets have a camera as standard.

Therefore, there are many people who wonder, “Do you really need a webcam?”

In fact, you don’t have to have a webcam for small meetings, such as one-on-one meetings.

The camera on your laptop or smartphone is sufficient.

However, when holding a many-to-many meeting, there are situations where the included webcam has a narrow viewing angle and cannot handle it.

It will be easier to install a web camera separately.

Also, preparation is required when using a desktop computer without a webcam.

How to choose a webcam

Even if you decide to introduce a webcam, there are many types and you wonder which one to choose.

From here, I will explain the points when selecting a webcam.


There are many manufacturers that handle webcams in Japan and overseas.

Basically, you should choose products from major domestic manufacturers such as Logitech and Buffalo.

NEC Net’s SII offers a total of Zoom hardware according to the scale of the conference.

Below are some examples of webcams and manufacturers we handle.

Small meetings (2-6 people)Aver “CAM340+”/Logitech “BRIO”
Medium-sized conference (7 to 15 people)Jabra "PanaCast" / Logitech "PTZ Pro 2"
Large-scale meetings (15 people or more)Logitech “Rally Camera”/Poly “Eagle Eye DirectorⅡ”

In addition, we can propose microphone speakers, Zoom Rooms integrated model, touch display, etc.

If you have any questions about product selection, please contact us.

Wide viewing angle

The viewing angle is the wide field of view that the webcam can display.

With a computer or smartphone camera, basically only the person in front of you can see on the screen, so it is not suitable for scenes used by multiple people.

The wider the viewing angle is, the wider the area can be projected. Therefore, when conducting a conference with a large number of people, select a wide viewing angle.

High image quality

The main feature of Zoom is that you can talk while looking at the other person’s face.

However, when the image quality of the webcam is low, the face of the other party may not be clear and the shared documents may be difficult to see.

Depending on the application, it is desirable that the image quality is somewhat high.

When comparing the image quality of webcams, check the pixel count and resolution.

There are 4K (2160p), Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), and other types of image quality. The higher the number, the higher the image quality.

However, the price will increase in proportion to the image quality, so please consider considering the budget.

Whether a microphone is built-in

When holding a conference with Zoom, it is also important to be able to smoothly exchange not only video but also audio.

Normally, it is necessary to install a microphone and speakers together with the camera, but some webcams have a built-in microphone in advance.

If you want to talk from a distance from the camera, it’s better to have a separate microphone, but for the minimum usage, the built-in microphone will suffice.

Zoom service utilization scene

Unlike emails, you can talk while looking at the other party’s face on the screen, so you can proceed as if you were in a face-to-face meeting.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the cases where it is better to have a webcam with Zoom.

Video conference

In most cases, Zoom is introduced for the purpose of conducting web conferences and video conferences.

With Zoom, you can have a meeting with staff on a different floor or a distant supplier while you are at your desk.

There is no problem with only the voice, but by seeing the face, you can express emotions in detail, and you will be able to communicate more closely.

In-house training/seminars

There are many cases where Zoom is used for corporate training and seminars.

With Zoom, you can record the contents of training and seminars in a recorder, so you can easily look back and follow up on absentees.

In this case, the number of trainees and seminar participants may be large, so it is recommended to prepare a webcam with a wide viewing angle.

In addition, it may be better to have a zoom function in consideration of cases such as focusing on teachers and panelists.

If it is assumed that the material will be shown, it is necessary to pay attention to the image quality.

It will be smooth if you perform a test when using Zoom

Before using a webcam with Zoom, it’s a good idea to test if the camera is properly projected.

Here’s how to test your webcam with Zoom for PC.

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Click the setting page
  3. Click the video item

There is no problem if the preview screen is displayed.

You can also check the microphone test and recording/recording on/off from the Zoom setting items.

If you use two or more cameras, check the switching as well, and test whether all the cameras are working properly.


  • Even if the device comes with a webcam, a separate camera is required depending on the usage scene of Zoom.
  • Compare the wide viewing angle and high image quality when purchasing a webcam
  • When using Zoom, it is smooth if you perform a camera test in advance.

Zoom is a convenient service for many devices such as Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Cameras on each device will suffice for individual meetings, but larger meetings will require a high-performance webcam.

Please select a suitable webcam according to the number of users and the size of the conference room.


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