What is the Zoom Webinar? Differences from the meeting function and explanation of merits

Zoom is one of the meeting tools for web conferencing and video calling.

Zoom is used in a wide range of situations such as conferences and training, but do you know that there is a service called “Zoom webinar” that is suitable for lectures and seminars?

Here, we explain what the Zoom webinar is and what kind of scenes we recommend.

If you would like to hold a webinar at Zoom, please refer to it as it also introduces the difference from Zoom meeting and how to use it.

Zoom webinar features and scenes

In the first place, a webinar is a coined word that combines “web” and “seminars”, and is an online seminar.

Zoom offers a unique service dedicated to webinars.

First, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Zoom webinar, the required licenses, and the usage scenes of the software.

Zoom webinar features

The Zoom webinar has the following features:

  • Up to 100-10,000 people can participate
  • On-demand viewing with recorded data
  • Acquisition of participant analysis/report
  • Live stream on Facebook or YouTube
  • Switching between panelists and viewers
  • “Raise hands” action and chat-type Q&A
  • Webinar monetization options, etc.

As you can see, the Zoom webinar has all the features you need to hold a webinar.

Also, since existing devices such as PCs and smartphones can be used, it is also effective in reducing the cost of introducing equipment.

It is a simple and easy-to-use service without the need to launch other software or applications.

Not available with basic license

Zoom webinars are contracted in the form of add-ons.

You can apply for add-ons only for each paid license (Pro/Business/Enterprise) for Zoom Meeting and for accounts that use Zoom Rooms.

Please note that you cannot apply if you are using the basic license (free) of Zoom Meeting.

It is possible to host a webinar using a Zoom meeting, but since this is a service for meetings originally, the functions for webinar are not available.

If your main focus is on webinars, we recommend obtaining a Professional or higher license before adding the Zoom webinar add-on.

Used in lectures and seminars

Zoom webinars are used in the following scenes, including lectures and seminars.

  • General seminars such as product briefings
  • Company information sessions and in-house training
  • Lectures and lectures at multiple locations
  • Administrative event
  • Parliamentary relay etc.

Depending on your license, the Zoom webinar can have up to 10,000 participants.

A feature of the Zoom webinar is that it can handle not only small and medium-sized enterprises, but also large-scale ones such as large enterprises and events and lectures in government.

What is the difference with Zoom Meeting?

I introduced that you need a paid license for Zoom Meeting to use Zoom webinar.

So what kind of service is Zoom Meeting?

From here, I will explain the difference between Zoom meetings and webinars and the benefits of introducing webinars.

Webinar and meeting feature comparison

Zoom Meeting is a service for two-way communication such as meetings and meetings.

Hosts and participants share similar screens and proceed in the form of video calls.

The Zoom webinar, on the other hand, consists of a relationship between the host and the viewer, and proceeds around the host.

It is a mechanism that some viewers are promoted to participants (panelists) by operating the host.

Viewers other than panelists cannot operate the camera or microphone, and their faces and names are not displayed.

The differences between the functions of Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar are as follows.

 Zoom meetingZoom Webinar
Camera/microphone operationAll participantsHost panelist
View-only userX
View participant listAll participantsHost panelist
Maximum number of users100-500 people100 to 10,000
Screen sharing
Text chat
Question-and-answer sessionX
Live distributionWorkplace by FacebookFacebook・Workplace by Facebook・YouTube・Custom Streaming Service
Breakout roomX

The breakout room is a function that divides the participants into small groups.

The Zoom webinar does not have a breakout room feature because the host can interact with the panel members.

As you can see, there are some differences between Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars.

The webinar has a larger number of users, and it is intended for seminars such as question and answer and viewing only.

Benefits of introducing a webinar

Some of the benefits of using the Zoom webinar include:

  • Up to 10,000 people can be invited depending on the license
  • You can make an interactive seminar by setting some viewers as panelists
  • Q&A support is available in chat, so the viewer does not just see

Zoom webinars basically share only the audio and video of the host.

It is also an advantage that the smooth progress of the seminar can be achieved because the viewers cannot freely play the audio and video or switch to the panelists.

How to use the webinar function

The Zoom webinar is available at the same time as applying for a paid license for Zoom Meeting, or by an additional contract after obtaining a paid license.

Account registration is free, so you might want to try the basic license and then consider purchasing a paid license or webinar.

Finally, I will introduce how to use it after contracting the Zoom webinar.

Hosting and scheduling of webinars

To hold a Zoom webinar, you need to set the schedule and conditions of participants.

You can’t do it on the spot like a meeting, so let’s set up a schedule in advance.

For regular webinars, you can also choose a weekly or monthly period.

You can also set a password for the webinar if you want to conduct a membership-based webinar.

We also recommend that you register a Zoom account and clarify who is logged in.

Once the webinar schedule has been set, the invitation URL will be sent to notify you.

Be sure to test the connection of your camera and microphone so that you don’t panic on the day.

To join the webinar

The webinar is easy to join, just click on the URL provided by the host.

You can connect to any device, such as a browser on your computer or a smartphone/tablet app.

Basically, there is no problem if the participant does not have an account, but if the host requires account registration, it is necessary to do so.

You can register by entering the necessary information such as your email address, so it will be smoother if you create an account in advance.


  • Zoom Webinar is a service for delivering seminars on the Internet
  • You can use various functions such as sharing screens/voices and accepting questions in chat by using the webinar.
  • Functions such as the selection of panelists not found in the meeting tool are also installed.

NEC Net’s SII provides one-stop services such as licenses, equipment preparation, setup, and distribution support necessary for holding webinars.




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