What is Zoom Meetings? Also comment on smartphone apps and hot rooms

What kind of tool is Zoom?

Zoom is a web video communication tool from San Jose, California, USA.

Widely expanded with desktop apps, mobile apps, and Zoom Rooms systems, it’s easy to use, featuring high quality and high security.

It boasts a high share rate as a web conference and audio conference tool for conducting meetings, seminars, telework, etc.

The introduction of Zoom has the following advantages.

Until now, when holding meetings and seminars, organizers and participants had to gather in the same place.

At that time, I think it took a lot of time and effort to print out the materials that everyone could read and print the minutes and record the seminar scene.

However, with the introduction of Zoom, all of these are unnecessary or can be simplified.

If you install Zoom on your PC or smartphone, you can access it from different places such as your home or office. By sharing materials and images on the screen, everyone can participate while sharing information at the same timing. You will be able to.

In addition, you can record meetings and conferences in Zoom, so it is very convenient for those who could not participate and to look back later.

It eliminates the need for travel time, transportation expenses, material preparation expenses, and other troubles.


Why is it a good tool for work style reform?

In recent years, work style reforms have been underway, such as curbing long working hours and promoting the acquisition of leave.

Along with this, the work style of employees is changing, and the number of employees and companies that choose remote work or side jobs is increasing.

Zoom can realize the changes that accompany this work style reform and make it more efficient.

Even if you don’t have an office or a meeting room, you can communicate quickly even if employees are at home by using Zoom.


Differences from other communication tools

There are many communication tools other than Zoom, but all of them often require that all users have login authentication, or that they cannot hold a meeting without mutual friend authentication. did.

But with Zoom, you can join a meeting by sharing a 9- or 10-digit number, or by simply clicking the invite URL link.

This sharing is possible not only inside the company but also outside the company, so it is ideal for regular communication with business partners and subcontractors.

The simplicity of this connection is the biggest feature of Zoom.

Also, since the communication volume is low, you can fully connect even with packet communication of smartphones and access via mobile Wi-Fi routers.

Of course, all necessary elements for web conferencing such as screen sharing and image sharing are included, so you can start web conferencing as soon as you install it.


What you need for Zoom Meetings

All of Zoom’s video conferencing and message chat functions are called Zoom Meetings.

A key feature of Zoom Meetings is the ability to quickly host, join, and collaborate on any device on any device.

And by synchronizing with the calendar system, it is easy to invite and attend regular meetings and company meetings.


Equipment required for Zoom Meetings

After downloading the Zoom app to your smartphone or computer, you need the following three things to hold and participate in web conferences.

  1. webcam
  2. Microphone
  3. speaker

However, recent PCs such as Windows and Mac often have no need to buy new ones because all of them are originally installed.

If you need high-quality images and sounds for large-scale seminars, it is best to have the necessary equipment.


Other features of Zoom Meetings

Once you have the equipment you need for Zoom Meetings, all you have to do is start a web conference or chat. In addition, I mentioned the features and features of Zoom Meetings.

  • Up to 1,000 people can participate in the video using HD video and audio. Split up to 49 videos on the screen.
  • Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously. And bi-directional communication is possible, such as joint annotation
  • All meetings are encrypted and highly secure for peace of mind
  • You can record the meeting you held locally or on the cloud and save it by recording.
  • Sync with Outlook and Google calendars, let participants know when to schedule and start
  • Team chat feature allows history searches, integrated file sharing, and archiving for up to 10 years

In this way, it is no exaggeration to say that Zoom Meetings has all the necessary elements for web conferencing.

Using these functions, it is recommended for web conferences, online salons, seminars, internal and external training, etc.


What is Zoom Rooms

In short, Zoom Rooms is something like Zoom for conference rooms.

Zoom Meetings is a web conference that can be held online anywhere, but Zoom Rooms should be installed in a space such as a conference room, and you can start and use these Zoom Rooms when conducting a web conference. ..


Equipment required for Zoom Rooms

  1. Computer or Mac for Zoom Rooms
  2. IPad for Zoom Rooms
  3. Webcam
  4. Microphone
  5. speaker
  6. monitor

These must be kept as a set for Zoom Rooms at all times.

You can arrange them separately, but you can purchase a complete set, so if you want to save time and set up easily, this is recommended.


Difference between Zoom Rooms and Meeting

The difference between Zoom Rooms and Meetings is that they each attend meetings in different places or multiple people from one place.

With Zoom Rooms, you don’t have to occupy each individual device and you don’t have to set up.

Also, if you do not have a license, you can participate if you are in the place where the Rooms are.

Comparison of Rooms and Meetings (when using paid version)

Use/Usage sceneVideo conference. Multiple people gather in the conference room to join the conference from stationary equipment terminals, of course people in remote areas can also join from the PC/deviceParticipate in web conferences from individual PCs, tablets and smartphones
costIt depends on the number of accounts. Please contact us
License ownerIndividualCompany etc.
Required equipmentPC, tablet, smartphoneDisplay, PC, tablet for controller, microphone, speaker, camera, etc.

In this way, Zoom Rooms is suitable for the following situations.

  • Many meetings are always attended by multiple people
  • Sometimes teams hold meetings for the outside world
  • Receive multiple training from one person, etc.

It is highly recommended because you can have a satisfying meeting using the dedicated camera, microphone and speaker.



How is it, Zoom is very popular as a web conferencing tool, but it has various functions and can be used in various situations.

You can use quite a lot of features even in the free version, but since there are no time or function restrictions, we highly recommend introducing a paid plan for businesses.

Introducing Zoom enables efficient and highly effective internal and external communication. Please consider introducing it.


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