What to do before opening an online school with Zoom

The theme this time is how to open an online school as the title says.

In this article ” Why don’t you start an online school with Zoom? “, I wrote that there are various types of online schools and you can easily open them with Zoom, but how do you actually open them? ??

In this article, I will explain how to open an orthodox online school.

I think that the tools used for the course are different, so please prepare each one.

There are five main things to decide before the online school opens.

  • Decide where to deliver
  • Prepare the distribution environment for Zoom
  • Decide how to exchange money
  • Decide how to attract customers
  • Decide the lecture content that suits the delivery method

Let’s take a look at each one.

Decide where to deliver Zoom


You don’t have to rent a venue to run a school with Zoom.

This alone doesn’t cost tens of thousands of yen a month, so I’m not so happy.

However, just as YouTuber delivers from a room in an apartment, we need a place to deliver to Zoom’s online school.

This can of course be from your own room.

However, I would like to set the Zoom virtual background using chroma key as the background so that it is not unsightly, or choose a place with an atmosphere such as a bookshelf.

Prepare the distribution environment for Zoom


I wrote about what you need for distribution on Zoom in the article ” Zoom and PC Performance ” published the other day , but if you write it again, click here.

  • PC with no problem in terms of specifications
  • Webcam if not on your computer
  • Headset (even if it comes with your computer, you should bring it with you)
  • Stable internet environment (NG if the upload speed is too slow)

that’s all.

Please see the link above for details.

Decide how to exchange money


It’s easy to put off this even after it’s actually profitable, but it’s important, so let’s do it early.

When it comes to profits at a lucky timing, I’m not ready and the story goes on, and if I do it properly, the trust of customers will be lost, so I want to do it exactly.

Speaking of which, there was a commercial with this kind of content.

Let’s not become “Well, it’s good”.

First of all, how to get the money.

At a minimum, you need to prepare a bank account .

When choosing a bank, make sure you have an internet-enabled plan.

You will receive an email when you make a deposit, so you don’t have to go to the bank to check your account.

Also, if possible , please prepare a business account for individuals .

If you mix it with other payments, you will feel very annoyed when you file your tax return.

And another payment method is card payment .

It would be convenient if you could use credit card payment, but it would be a little difficult to introduce it suddenly.

Paypal at that time .

As long as you have an account (free of charge), PayPal will take care of the card payment for you.

Of course, there is a fee for payment, but it is cheap and it is easy to use, so why not make it just in case?

Billing to customers using PayPal is very easy.

After logging in to the PayPal screen, simply enter your email address and amount in the billing field and send.

Right? Isn’t it easy?

If you keep these two payment methods in mind, you can handle most things.

Decide how to attract customers


There are two ways to attract customers: free and paid.

When I hear that it’s a free method, I only find it attractive.

However, attracting customers for free takes time and effort.

In contrast, paying customers pays for time and effort at the cost of money.

There are SNS, blogs, HP, etc. as free ways to attract customers.

Instead, the paid method of attracting customers is called advertising such as leaflets and the web.

Since you don’t have any money to start, you will want to do something with free means, but be patient and use paid means to attract customers .

In most cases, attracting customers using only free means from the beginning will not produce satisfactory results.

As a result, you will have to pay for it again, which will delay your start.

Only when you start, you will use paid means, and in the meantime, you will raise awareness of free media.

Decide the lecture content that suits the delivery method

If the course is suitable for distribution on Zoom, there is no problem if you do it at the venue as it is.

However, Zoom will be delivered online.

In some cases, it may be difficult to see.

Please use Zoom’s recording function to record and review through before the actual distribution .

Then, let ‘s customize the lecture contents while checking the recorded contents .

How to show online is also important.

I would like to decide the content of the lecture while devising ways such as making it easier to see if taken from such an angle and making the room brighter.


Please refer to this article on how to use Zoom for the distribution method when actually distributing .

If you decide at least what you introduced in this article, you forgot to decide when you actually open an online school! !!

I think that things will be reduced.

After that, let’s actually try it and reflect in the content what we felt would be better.

The best shortcut is the voice of the participants.

Make sure to take a survey, especially at the beginning.

There is no completion in a better lecture.

Please continue to make efforts to make the lecture content suitable for the environment at that time.


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