What to do when chat text recorded in Zoom’s cloud is garbled

I sent a chat text file recorded in Zoom’s cloud via Facebook Messenger.
When the recipient tries to open it using the iPhone …
garbled characters! !! why? ?? ??


Zoom allows you to save your chat history in the cloud.

However, if you send this file as it is, for example, by attaching it to Facebook Messenger, etc., it will be as follows when the other party is an iPhone.

First, tap the attached file …

You don’t have to save it, so if you want to read it as it is and tap OK …

Garbled characters!

Of the character codes that use Japanese, there are roughly three types that are used for general purposes.

  1. UTF-8
  2. EUC-JP
  3. Shift-JIS

The text file in which Zoom’s chat is recorded uses the UTF-8  character code.

If you send this via Facebook Messenger, you can read it on your computer, but not on your iPhone or iPad.

On iPhone and iPad, it is necessary to convert to the character code called Shift-JIS.

There are three solutions in such a case.

  1. You can read this text file by attaching it to an iOS email.
  2. If you want to send it to messenger, you can copy and paste the contents to the messenger as it is instead of attaching a text file.
  3. If you really want to send it to Messenger as a text file, you can paste it into Windows Notepad, save it as a text file, attach it to Messenger, and read it without garbled characters. ..


Character codes are a difficult thing for us plug-rammers.


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