When I entered the Zoom invitation URL, “Sorry” was displayed!

When I entered the Zoom invitation URL, the screen “Sorry” appeared!
Now you can’t attend the Zoom meeting!


Invitation URL sent by the organizer of the Zoom seminar.

You should be able to join the Zoom meeting by clicking on it, but when this invitation URL doesn’t have a link.

In other words, it’s just a letter, so when you click it, nothing happens.


↑ If you click this, nothing happens, right?


I have no choice but to enter each character in the browser.

Then, the screen looks like this!

But don’t panic!

This is clearly a typo in the URL.


http://zoom.us/ j / 123456789

If you mistakenly enter this j for I, this screen will appear.


If you make a mistake in the meeting ID, an error message will be displayed after the Zoom app is launched.

that? that’s strange? If you think so, please double-check the URL.

I want this Zoom T-shirt … (laughs)


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