When using a Zoom free account, it was one-on-one, but it expired in 40 minutes! why?

Even in the free version of Zoom, if it is one-to-one, you should be able to use it for unlimited time.
However, sometimes the meeting is closed in 40 minutes.


I asked Zoom’s support center to tell me the cause and points to note.

If you had a meeting with one host and one participant, the time should be unlimited even with a free account, but at the meeting the other day, even in that state it expired in 40 minutes.
Please let us know the date and time when the phenomenon occurred and the meeting ID.
The date and time is April 9, 2019, and the meeting ID is 000-000-000.
The meeting was attended by three people according to the system record.
e? … such …


“That shouldn’t be the case! Certainly, only two people attended that meeting!”

Even if you protest, the support person can not help.

To the end, this is the person who asks the question , and the support is the person who answers .

The problem can be resolved quickly if you know that the support person is not the person who responds to the complaint .

The continuation of the exchange is as follows.

Is there a pattern where you have only two people in a meeting and you end up with three people on record?
Yes, that is also the case.
When is it?
I attended a meeting once, but the internet connection was bad, and it was cut off once, and then I reconnected.
In such a case, please end the meeting and re-enter.
So that’s it! Certainly, the other party said that the internet line was unstable!
well understood. Thank you very much.


If the internet connection of the person attending the meeting is unstable, it is often the case that the connection is cut off for a moment and then reconnected.

In such a case, on Zoom’s system, it seems that the number of disconnected people is not deducted and it is counted as one more participant.

Please close the meeting and restart the meeting.


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