Why can’t I use it even though I set it to have a virtual background in zoom App?

The virtual background introduced in the Zoom Beginners Seminar and the Zoom Organizer Seminar I set it to use the virtual background in
My Meeting Settings, but for some reason I can’t use it when I have a meeting with Zoom.
I often hear such voices.


To use the virtual background, you need to turn on “Virtual Background” in My Meeting Settings


And you need an account to enter My Meeting Settings.

An account in Zoom means that you can use your own settings with your email address and password.

You can also use the “members-only page” that can be used only by those who have taken the Zoom organizer seminar because you have created an account.


By the way, even though I turned on the virtual background in My Meeting settings, I can’t use the virtual background when I have a meeting with Zoom .

What is the cause?

That’s because you haven’t signed in with the Zoom app .

In order for the Zoom app to inherit the My Meeting settings made in your account, you need to sign in with the Zoom app as well.


If you’re not signed in, Zoom doesn’t know who’s using the app.

In My Meeting Settings, I set it up!

I also use the Zoom app!

<< What I use >> … It is a task called sign-in to inform you of this.


I sometimes hear that the account signed in with My Meeting settings is different from the account signed in with Zoom.

Why is this also signed in? ?? This is one of the causes of the question.

Make sure that the account you set up for My Meeting and the account for the Zoom app are the same.


Then, in My Meeting settings, turn on the virtual background and restart Zoom.

Some other settings will only take effect when you restart the meeting, but the virtual background will not take effect until you restart Zoom.



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