Why Zoom becomes unstable on J: COM lines

When zooming using the J: COM line, the message “Internet line is unstable” may appear and my video may be jerky or stop.
Why should J: COM have an internet line speed of 320Mbps, which is quite fast?


J: COM is all over the country.

There is a dedicated channel, and depending on the contract, you can watch 37 channels and 89 channels as much as you want.

For those who like movies and TV, I think it’s a very attractive service.


And the line speed of J: COM is the fastest plan, which claims to be 320Mbps.

Of course, this is a theoretical value, so it may not be that fast in actual measurement, but it is still fast enough.


However, when I connect to the Internet with J: COM and do Zoom, the message “Internet line is unstable” may appear and my movement may become jerky or stop.

Is 320Mbps not enough? Speaking of which, that’s not the case.

Zoom can be used stably if it is as high as 20 Mbps.


In fact, J: COM’s 320Mbps is the download speed.

J: COM sells content such as a lot of movies and TV programs, so it would be nice if those contents could be downloaded and viewed smoothly.

However, on the contrary, the upload speed is unusually slow.

The results of the investigation in the Wifi environment connected by J: COM are as follows.

The download speed is 104.52Mbps, which is sufficient, but the upload speed is 9.76Mbps.

This is the reason why my movement becomes unstable with Zoom when connecting with J: COM.

There is no problem because it is a “download” to watch the video and listen to the audio of other participants.

When you send your own video or audio, it is “upload”, so this speed is just barely enough.


By the way, with NURO Hikari, which I have a contract with, these numbers come out.

It’s explosive and has a good balance between downloads and uploads.

When I saw the NURO Hikari commercial, eh … the fastest in the world! ?? I thought I made a contract with half confidence, but I doubted my eyes when I actually measured it!

You can also download a 3-hour seminar video recorded in Zoom’s cloud in 1 to 2 minutes.

Every time I hold a seminar, I download videos from Zoom’s cloud, so now I feel that I can’t work without NURO Hikari.
At J: COM, the 320Mbps plan costs 6,180 yen per month, but NURO Hikari is about the same.

If you are using J: COM and feel unstable, you may consider NURO Hikari, which is the fastest in the world and has outstanding stability.

If you are interested in the fastest internet connection in the world, please!


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