Why Zoom Paid Licence is recommended if you want to have a Zoom Meeting in your Company

Some people think that the free version of Zoom is sufficient because it has a lot of functions, but in the United States where Zoom is widely spread, many companies and companies are switching to the paid version license.

The reason for this is the maximization of business efficiency and company branding (image).

In this article, I’ll explain what you can do with Zoom’s free version license and why many American companies are switching to the paid version of Zoom.


Zoom free version features and usage

First, I will explain the features and usage of the free version license of Zoom.

Zoom can be used not only on PCs and Macs, but also as tablets and smartphone apps.

Although it is very easy to use, it features high functionality such as screen sharing.
You’ll need to create an account before you can use Zoom, but it’s free and it’s easy to do in about 5 minutes.

Just because it’s a free account, it doesn’t have any deadlines, such as how many days it’s free, and you can still use many features.

We have summarized the functions and features of the free version license.


Free version license features

There are so many things you can do with a free Zoom license.

One-to-one web meetingNo time limit
Web meeting for 3 or more peopleLimited time (40 minutes)
Web meeting scheduleHost a meeting at a specified time
Screen sharingShare your screen with people in a meeting
Breakout room functionAbility to hold smaller meetings from among participants
Whiteboard functionAbility to use the screen like a whiteboard
Virtual backgroundReplace your background with a virtual image
Remote control functionTo be able to operate the other party's screen

Actually, there is almost no difference in function and usage between Zoom’s free version license and paid version license.

There may be some who think that the free license is enough, but there is a general reason why it cannot be said.

The reason for this will be explained in the next section.


Why many companies and organizations choose the paid version license

Many Zoom users have a free license. The reason is that the available features are not much different from the free and paid licenses (Pro and Business).

However, if a company or organization introduces Zoom, we recommend the paid version license, and many companies and organizations actually use the paid version license.

What is the reason for this?


Why the paid version license is selected

The following are the typical reasons for selecting the paid version license (Pro or Business) of Zoom.

  • No time limit of 40 minutes for meetings of 3 or more people
  • Personal ID (PMI) can be used
  • Has reporting function
  • Can be recorded and saved online (cloud)
  • Business account can use its own site management function, etc.

There are many others, but the ones you should pay particular attention to are the ones listed above.

Let’s take a look at each feature along with the contents of each license.


Features and usage of Pro license, Business license, and Enterprise license

There are three types of paid licenses for Zoom: Pro license, Business license, and Enterprise license.

Briefly, the recommended license varies depending on the size of the team or company used.

Pro licenseSole proprietor, small team
Business licenseSmall and medium-sized enterprises
Enterprise licenseFor large companies


Features and usage of Pro license

The Pro license is recommended for small business teams, individual business owners such as designers, and those who host webinars and online salons.

In the free version, there was a usage limit of 40 minutes for meeting the use of 3 or more people, but it will be removed and it will be possible to hold a meeting without time limit (up to 24 hours).

This is very important. If business negotiations and meetings are interrupted every 40 minutes, it could be a major obstacle to running a business.

Often, a proper conference or meeting will not fit in 40 minutes, and the larger the number of participants, the more stressful the interruption of the meeting due to connection and the damage to the brand of the company or organization. ..

Also, if you use it for seminars and online salons, you may be disappointed with important customers and fans, and the larger the number, the more difficult it is to reconnect.

However, if you have a Pro license or higher, you can hold meetings with virtually unlimited (Pro license is up to 24 hours).

  • Up to 100 people can be invited to a meeting
  • Can be used continuously for 24 hours
  • User management function
  • Administrator function control
  • Reporting function
  • Custom personal meeting ID
  • Scheduler specification
  • Cloud storage

The features and usage that should be noted here are that the time limit is virtually eliminated (up to 24 hours), administrator function control is added, custom personal meeting ID can be set, and cloud saving is available.


What is administrator function control?

The administrator function control is a function that we really want when we need to manage a large number of meetings or hold a webinar or online salon.

The administrator or owner of the account can use advanced meeting management features such as enabling and disabling meeting recording, encryption, chat, notifications, and so on, to control the meeting itself.


What is a custom Zoom personal meeting ID

A custom personal meeting ID is a 10-digit host-only meeting number.

With this custom personal meeting ID, you can use it conveniently to hold meetings continuously or to hold meetings at a fixed cycle such as web seminars and online salons.

With a custom personal meeting ID, you don’t have to send the meeting ID or URL to attendees every time.

It’s like having a fixed meeting room that’s always available, like a home phone number.

Just share the dates and times of meetings, webinars, and online salons, and attendees will visit your meeting room without hesitation.


What is a Zoom cloud storage

This is another feature that you should keep in mind as a convenient way to use Zoom paid licenses.

With the free version license of Zoom, you can record shared screens of meetings and meetings, record and record all the remarks of the participants, but the save destination is only local (PC, smartphone, tablet) Will be.

This puts pressure on the capacity of PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and even if you want to publish the contents of a meeting or seminar online, you need to encode (change to the optimum format when publishing online).

However, with the paid version license of Zoom, such trouble is unnecessary.

You can save it directly to the cloud (online) and publish it so it’s easy to share with people who have joined your Zoom meeting .

After the Zoom meeting or seminar, those who could not attend can download and watch the video.


Functions and usage of Business license

The difference between Zoom’s Business and Pro licenses is that you can get more participants and you can brand your company.

  • Host configuration for 10 people
  • Up to 300 people can participate in Zoom meetings
  • Management dashboard
  • Vanity URL (original URL setting)
  • Automatic contact addition by linking domains
  • Company branding settings
  • Custom email function etc.


What is Vanity URL (original URL setting)?

Vanity URL is the original URL setting that can be used by Business license contractors.

When I was invited to a Zoom meeting, I had to send the URL set by Zoom, but with the Business license, you can set the optimal URL yourself. (Example: Company name.zoom.us)

This allows participants to click the shared URL with peace of mind because the company name is attached, and it makes it possible for users to be aware that they are invited to a proper and reliable meeting or conference. Let’s


What is automatic contact addition by domain association?

By setting the email address domain of your company or university, you can automatically add users who use that email address domain to your Zoom account.


What is a company branding setting?

The company branding settings here mean that users and participants can customize the screen to join the meeting.

Explaining what it means, with free licenses and Pro licenses, users and participants were accessing the prepared page of Zoom, but using the branding setting of Business license, you can display the original page. I will.

Not only the contents of the displayed page but also the header, footer and company logo can be displayed.

It is also recommended for those who regularly hold online salons and web seminars.


What is the custom mail function?

This is also a useful function for branding.

When hosting Zoom meetings, online salons and webinars, we often send emails to invitees.

You will be able to customize the email and send branded emails, just like a party invitation.


Features and usage of Pro license

When it comes to Pro licenses, in addition to the features previously available with Pro and Business licenses, highly specialized services are also included.

  • All features of the previous plans
  • Host configuration for 50 people
  • Up to 500 people can participate
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Executive business review
  • Zoom Webinar and Zoom Room Discount Bundle

The Enterprise license is for large enterprises, and its usage is different from other licenses. Also, various settings change depending on the size of the company.

If you are a person in charge of a large company or an interested user, it is a good idea to ask for detailed information and ask.


If you want to brand your company without stress, Zoom paid license is recommended instead of free

In this article, I explained what you can do with Zoom’s free license, what you can do by switching to a paid license, and how you can use it.

Zoom has a lot of features of the free license, and many individual users think that this is enough, but users of organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises are often switched to the paid license.

Especially for Zoom’s paid license, the time limit of 40 minutes is removed, host management function is added, and original URL and meeting room can be prepared. These are very useful for branding companies and organizations.

If you are thinking of introducing Zoom to your company or organization from now on, we recommend that you consider not only the free version license but also the paid version license.




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