You can also use Zoom’s virtual background in the free version. Virtual background setting method

You can also use virtual backgrounds in the free version of Zoom!

Virtual background is a function that allows you to set an image as the background in this way.

At the beginning of 2018, it was a function only for paid accounts, but now it can also be used for the free version.

Setting method

  1. 1. Turn on thevirtual background settingfrom the Meeting tab of Zoom.US ‘s My Account → My Meeting Settings.


  1. 2. Launch Zoom and select the chevron mark virtual background to the right ofthe video stop at thebottom of the screen .
  2. 3. Upload from “Add image” ofvirtual background.
  3. Select the added image and the background will change.
  4. If you do not want to set the background, select “None”.


  1. You can also specify the color you want to use as the background as follows.

It is epoch-making that it can be used even in the free version!

Some people have upgraded to the paid version because they want to use virtual backgrounds …

Now Zoom is more fun.

Please play with various images.


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