Zoom and remote work

No one else wrote this article.

Pneumonia caused by the coronavirus is now popular.

If it’s something you can see, you can prevent it, but you don’t know when and where the virus is.

After all, there is no choice but to reduce exposure to crowds at high risk of infection.

Therefore, some companies are paying attention to remote work again, and recently, the number of people who come to this site for the purpose of investigating remote work is increasing.

Zoom and remote work

An article about home work that I wrote earlier.

As I wrote in these, Zoom and remote work are very compatible.

Above all, even with Zoom’s basic plan, which does not incur costs, I am happy that the functions required for remote work can be used almost fully.

It’s free even if you allocate it to all employees.

If it is a paid one, there are many things to consider, such as the number of users and the cost, and it takes time.

However, if you want to introduce it, you can introduce it.

Things to be aware of in remote work


There are some points to be aware of in remote work, but after all, the management of internal information should be made into a manual.

For example, if you are a remote worker who only works mainly on a personal computer, you can basically work anywhere.

When I work alone at home, I tend to be full of things.

Me too.

Therefore, I sometimes write e-mail newsletters at facilities such as cafes, but the work I do is limited to those that do not have confidential information such as e-mail newsletters or personal information.

Keep in mind that these facilities have an unspecified number of eyes.

As a matter of fact, it is unlikely that a malicious person looking into the screen will try to leak it.

However, risks should be avoided as much as possible.

It is strictly forbidden to introduce remote work without deciding the good and bad things to do during working hours.

In the first place, working outside is contrary to the purpose of this remote, “reducing the chances of interacting with an unspecified number of people,” so it should be avoided in the first place.


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