Zoom Audio, Video, Screen Sharing and Reporting Guide

Zoom Audio

Zoom includes HD quality audio features and settings to optimize your Zoom experience. Use these support articles to join audio using a phone, configure speaker and microphone settings, or start a Personal Audio Conference.

Audio Settings

Available Zoom audio settings can be enabled by account owners and admins in the Zoom web portal. Use these support articles to understand how to change Zoom sound settings for toll calling and other advanced options.

Audio Features

Dialing in by Phone


Personal Audio Conference (PAC)


Zoom Video

Zoom brings HD quality video and additional video enhancement options to your virtual meeting platform. Use these articles to configure available settings and features, like virtual backgrounds, or to troubleshoot and resolve camera quality issues.

Video Settings

You can adjust your video settings before or during a meeting to accommodate your camera and video layout. Learn more about available settings you can enable and use to enhance your virtual video conference experience on the Zoom platform.


Video Features

Zoom video features include virtual backgrounds, touch up my appearance and other video enhancement options. Use these support articles to learn more about available features and how to use them.

Troubleshooting Video Issues


Zoom Screen Sharing

You can share your screen, desktop or other content with meeting participants or webinar attendees on Zoom. Use these support articles to configure screen sharing settings, utilize features and troubleshoot screen share issues.

Screen Sharing Settings

With Zoom you can share your screen, desktop or other content during a meeting. Manage advanced screen sharing or change screen share default settings using these support resources.

Screen Sharing Features

Use Zoom meeting screen share to create a collaborative virtual environment during a remote meeting. With these support articles you can learn more about screen sharing features and how to utilize them.


Troubleshooting Screen Sharing Issues



Record a Zoom meeting or webinar to the cloud locally on your personal device with Zoom recording functionalities that allow you to access, manage and share recordings at a later time.

Getting Started with Recording on Zoom


Recording Settings

Recording Features


With Zoom recording features, users can set up their Zoom recording layout, generate recording transcripts, or edit a Zoom recording. Use these support articles to learn more about available features and how to use them.

Sharing your Recordings

Troubleshooting Zoom Recordings