How to join Zoom conference from smartphone? Registration and basic usage

“Zoom” is a web conferencing tool that is widely used in the business scene.

Did you know that you can use it not only on your computer but also on your smartphone or tablet?

The advantage is that you can use the device you normally use for meetings without using a dedicated device, so you can use it more easily than the conventional meeting tools.

This section summarizes the functions installed in the smartphone version of the Zoom app and how to actually use them.

We also explain the causes of troubles such as the inability to hear the voice and how to deal with them, so if you are planning to use it or if you are troubled while using it, please refer to it.


Functions that can be used with the smartphone application version Zoom

The smartphone version of the Zoom app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphone models.

It is possible to exchange between a PC and a smartphone, or between smartphones, and it is possible to use it regardless of the model.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the functions installed in the smartphone version of Zoom.


Recording of meeting contents

Zoom allows you to record and record meeting contents.

The recorded data can be saved on the cloud and can be repeatedly played later.

However, please note that cloud saving is a function for paid members only, so if you want to use it, you need to obtain a license for a professional or higher version instead of the free version.

By recording the meeting details, there are merits such as saving the trouble of creating the minutes and making it easier to follow up on the absentee.

You can use the microphone attached to the smartphone, but if you want to improve the sound quality, you should install a dedicated microphone and speaker.


Screen sharing

Zoom has a screen sharing function and can be used with smartphone version apps as well.

It is convenient for giving operating instructions because the computer screen can be displayed on the smartphone side and the smartphone screen on the other hand.

In addition to the screen, you can also share photos and files in storage such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive.

You can also use the whiteboard function to write freehand drawings and letters.

The whiteboard function is only available on iPad and Android smartphones, but you can browse the shared screen on the iPhone as well.

In addition, although it is limited to PCs and tablets, it also has functions such as remotely controlling the screen of the other party.


Text chat

Zoom allows not only audio and video communication but also text chat conversation.

You can use chat only, or you can chat in parallel with the meeting.

You can send and receive messages to individual messages or to groups of specific members.

It is convenient because you do not need to launch a separate mail application when sending a notification when a meeting starts.


Virtual background

The smartphone and PC versions of Zoom have a function that allows you to freely set the background during a meeting.

You can use the images registered in the Zoom app, or you can set your own image as the background.

Please use it when you do not want to see where you are, such as those who work remotely or work from home.


How to start a meeting from your smartphone

To use Zoom from your smartphone, you need to download and install a dedicated app.

From here, let’s take a closer look at how to install and actually use the Zoom app.


Install the app

The Zoom app is installed and used from the store (App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android smartphones).

When you start the app after installation, you will be prompted to sign in or sign up, so if you are using it for the first time, select sign up.

Follow the instructions and enter your email address and account name to complete registration.

When using a smartphone, the application must be installed by both the party hosting the meeting and the participant.

However, only the organizer needs to create an account, and participants can install the app.


Host a web conference

The procedure for hosting a conference with the smartphone version of the Zoom app is as follows. (For iPhone)

  1. Tap “Send Invitation” in the “Meeting” page
  2. Select an invitation method from message, email, URL copy
  3. Send an invitation message to the members

If the other person is registered as a contact in Zoom, it is effective to copy the URL and notify from the chat.

If you don’t know your Zoom account, use another email app to notify you.

If you want to invite other people during the meeting, you can make additional invitations from “Participants” at the bottom of the screen.


Join a web conference

To join a Zoom meeting from a smartphone, you need the invitation URL sent by the host.

Tap the invitation URL with the Zoom app installed to automatically move to the meeting screen.

If the app is not installed, it will be moved to the store, so let’s install it first.


Schedule a meeting

If you want to schedule a meeting on a specific date, here are the steps: (For iPhone)

  1. Tap “Schedule” on the “Home” page
  2. Set meeting name, schedule, password, etc.
  3. Tap “Done”

After setting the schedule, notify the participants of the issued URL.


Causes and remedies when zoom calls are not successful

A zoom is a tool that allows you to hold online meetings using existing devices such as personal computers and smartphones.

You can also use text chat, but the main function is a voice or video call function.

However, depending on your smartphone settings, your voice may not reach the other party, or conversely, you may not hear the other party’s voice.

Finally, I will explain the causes and measures to be taken when you cannot hear the sound while using Zoom.


My voice is not reaching the other party

There are two main causes when your voice does not reach the other party on the smartphone version Zoom.

  • Audio is muted in the app settings
  • You are not allowed to use the microphone in your smartphone settings

If the audio is muted in the Zoom settings, tap “Mute” at the bottom of the meeting screen to improve.

If you have not set up the microphone on your smartphone, let’s allow the microphone to be used with Zoom from the smartphone settings screen before joining the meeting.


I can’t hear the other party’s voice

The following are possible causes when you cannot hear the other party’s voice.

  • The other party made a mistake in mute or microphone usage settings.
  • I used a camera app etc. before using Zoom

There may be a problem with the other party’s settings, so be sure to check that the mute setting and microphone permission is enabled.

In addition, I am using a camera app, etc., and it seems that there is a problem that I can not hear the voice if I start Zoom without closing it.

It may be improved by quitting unnecessary applications and then starting Zoom.



  • Even with the smartphone version Zoom, you can use the same functions as the PC version such as recording/recording and screen sharing
  • You can start a meeting by issuing an invitation URL from the Zoom app and notifying
  • If you do not hear or hear the sound, check the mute setting and the microphone setting of the smartphone.

Zoom is a convenient service that can be used on smartphones and tablets with the same performance as a personal computer.

It is useful for improving work efficiency and facilitating smooth communication, so please consider introducing it.

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